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AESOP FABLES UPDATED- taken by the blind side

A deer blind in one eye moved over to Black Sea. The deer from Kiev knew he could keep his blind side on the seawards from where he did not expect any trouble. All he needed was to keep his eye sharp on the landward where ethnic minorities, Chinese, Asian, African students sat happily watching football. Roughing up them was fun and no police dared take action. He was a nationalist and he was xenophobic. His hooliganism progressed steadily. Neither painting swastikas against the homes of the Jews or stomping old men or women seem to bother. In short his blindness was really a moral one. When a woman with braids appealed him to elect her to the highest office he jeered at her. His antisemitism picked out targets whether real or not and the victims just suffered his taunts. There was one leech who wanted to fatten still more from fat of the land he took to the Maidan Square to throw molotov cocktails and destroy public buildings. His crusading spirit covered all crooks and innocents.
The blind Kievan deer did not notice a little place by the sea called Crimea where people saw Russians and cried,” Russians are coming! Russians are coming!
The deer was busy setting fire in some area and never knew what hit him from across the sea. His moral blindness cost him very dearly, you see.

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Aesop Updated: Harvesting Time ©

At the creation time Zeus and his Council of gods laid out plans what kind of world they wanted to rule over. Each god was appointed over something or other. In the end the chief God asked what shall they do with Time.
‘It would be a headache to be held responsible for time.’ God of fire said,’ My glory is bursting in a blaze but then it is on its own.’Each god found some excuse to pass it over. Zeus irritated asked Demeter the goddess of Agriculture to take care of Time. She agreed on condition that Hephaistos fashioned it in a form she could take to the Earth. The lame- god thus made Time into golden grains which Demeter sowed around so finely that each grain was no more or less than what another would find.
Later when gods were discussing Demeters ingenious plan the lame god said,’ Demeter made man to be like unto gods with one grain. Clever!’ God of fire said,’Why didn’t I think of it before?’
Zeus observed, ‘You were only concerned with glory. But man who makes use of time shall snach that glory.’( all rights reserved)

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Aesop Updated- The Fox and the Crow- illustration

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The sky is the catwalk where the Moon wanted to dazzle all.  It was Charity Ball for some worthy cause and the Moon was also expected to make her entry. She asked her Mother to design a dress for the gala event. Moon’s Mother  in turn asked the Wind to design. When Mr. Wind came up with a design it didn’t fit  Moon at all. Moon’s mother chided the dress designer for such ill-fitting design. The Moon was in her quarter. The designer took her measurement once again with care and after couple of days came up with another design. How he waxed eloquent over his design! No the design did not fit the Moon at all for the Moon was in full moon phase. Mother of Moon scolded the Wind roundly. Poor designer. He tore his hair and said,’Here I am designing for one who is never the same next day. Why not make your daughter walk the catwalk as she is on the day of the event?’ The Moon followed the advice. No one complained of dress not fitting her.
Moral:The world may hold an unwritten law of change but law written down is to be followed in sense and spirit of the contract.


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A man had a dog that most of the time dozed in his basket. Only time he showed some life was when the master had his meals. One day the man asked the dog who had settled by his table. ‘Last night I was the life and soul of the party. You slept through my witticisms. This morning the landlord wanted to kick me out for arrears. While he damned me you slept through. Not even a bite on his calf for disturbing peace.’

The dog craned his neck to sniff. Irritated the man yelled, ‘But when you see me you smell food.’


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A woodcutter went to cut wood and he lost his axe in the forest. He didn’t know where to look for. So he sat there cursing his luck. Hearing him swear high and low in an awful mood Hermes approached him and asked him why he was upset. ‘I lost my axe.’ Hermes said,’That happens to more people. Always losing things.’

Yes the woodcutter lost the means of livelihood. ‘But it is not some trifle that I lost. How will I ever cut again?’

The messenger god promised him a way out.’Look I will make your hands into axes. So you shall never lose it’. The wood cutter thought for a while and said,’Oh no!’ I have a wife and children back home’. The woodcutter didn’t want accidents at home with an axe as flying hands of some parents. Hermes said,’ I can make an axe with free will. Only you need tell it ‘Cut woods for me.’ It’ll cut trees and make you some money while you stay home and enjoy the comfort of a family. Will be alright?’

The wood cutter said, no. ‘If the axe can think for itself it may go out one morning and may be it will never come back.’ Hermes understood the man was right.

‘Ok what will you have then?’

‘Oh a big machine that I can operate myself and cutdown acres of trees by a couple of days. It should have few replaceable parts, low in maintenance and bring maximum profits.’

In opening the woodcutter’s mind to many options available to him God Hermes set him to think of profits, time and motion. The god shook his head sadly realizing the state of the earth in a couple of years. ‘OK go down the road. You’ll find the machine and it is yours.’ The god disappeared.


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The god brought the other two axes and gifted these as well, saying,’Your rare honesty will only bring honest to god poverty. But gods must compensate you here and now lest our name is dragged in mud by the wicked.’The woodcutter went home happy.
Honey of a man who is ill paid by the world shall be paid in life not necessarily upfront.

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Once upon a time Kim Kong-un a gorilla heard that all animals were called to show their talents before the United Nations of A-Z animal kingdom. He hastened to the spot. Meanwhile a camel also heard the call. ‘Oh I have talents!’hollered he. He left immediately to the venue. Seeing his one hump those camels with two humps gathered together and said,’Let us see what this FAT WA-di can do. ‘Allah gave us bellies to hold bilge water! and this flea ridden camel has only heavy water.’
They all sung in derision,’ His sort makes us puke/ while he talks of nuke.’ Oh they despised him but FAT WAdi thrived on such criticisms.
By the time he reached the gathering the ape was finished with his make up and it wonderfully improved his performance.
The fat Buddha twirling a little toy before all did a song- and dance of the wonder of the age. The audience was wowed. They sung,’He has a little rocket /and how does it go in his pocket!’ They all agreed he was a genius who not only had a walk most peculiar but also danced like no other. The camel was most angry. He said he could do better. The animals asked him to prove his worth. The camel did all clumsy moves to impress them. They laughed and rolled on the ground in hysterics. They cried,’Go away, all that bilge water is foul/ Farting makes us howl” They drove him from their company.
The Camel and the Monkey- in comic strip format

Aesop Fables-1-a-13

Aesop Fables-1-13-1b

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the crow and the jar

The investment banker, Mr. Crow was not just thirsty he was greedy to beat others who were hedging their bets. They had no money of their own. Yet playing with some one else’s pension funds they were behaving like old Spinster alone in the woods. He laughed at their yellow streak.
He thought, ‘when I am thirsty I must have it all’. The jar before him was commodious and of Venetian glass.
‘Afterall Alan Greenspan is in charge and he would just turn his head away when my initiative pays off’ cried he while he nudged his brain. It was time for some skullduggery. So he bought up all the mortgages left and right and he asked no questions. He had them cut up and diced. He had all the CDOs shuffled and these papers in their complexity weighed like bricks. It had AAA all certified by the best in the business.So converting them into rocks he was sure, he was dealing with wealth, the ‘Rock of Ages.’ While he dropped these into the jar the banking sector to a man, made all the appropriate sounds. How they cheered Mr. Crow who made the profit rise to the surface!
At one point there was a sound and it wasn’t ‘plop’ but ‘crash!’ It could be heard miles away. The day Mr, Crow broke the bank there were billions around the world still thirsty and without a cent to their name. Including Mr. Crow.
These risk-taking Investment bankers of which Mr. Crow is but one, have the inhuman knack of converting sweat and blood of pensioners and widows into rocks and only when they break the bank they realize they were clever by half.

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Once a lion was sleeping after a kill. It had driven the English forces and it had the land to itself.

While the lion slept on the land was seething with activity. From east to west railway tracks were laid and there was gold fever from Alaska to California; and the whole nation was suddenly crawling with fortune hunters and they needed coolies to do the dirty work. Many Chinese coolies were brought to build dams and lay tracks for iron horses. Many died of malaria and sheer exhaustion. All through it all the libertarian principles of the young nation slept on. In a manner of speaking the spirit of the nation slept like the lion.
In 1885 a mouse by name Chan Ping or Hoe Ha or whatever, appeared on the scene. Some say he is the spirit of all those miners killed in Wyoming (In Wyoming, white immigrant miners rioted killing 28 Chinese miners, wounding 15, and destroying 75 of their homes. The US Secretary of State Thomas F. Bayard responds indifferently, indicating that the Chinese brought it upon themselves by being different and unassimilable.) Others say he is the Chinaman dispossessed from his land when the US annexed Hawaii. Suddenly the lion is faced with a moral dilemma. What to do with the yellow peril?How to showcase its credentials as bulwark of freedom and liberty? All men are equal but to give the yellow or brown people the same equality? Well it was a moral dilemma.
After many soul searching and through the rise and fall of the politicians,- the ilks of Samuel Gompers(AFL-1901),McCarthy(1950) et al, the lion tackled the Chinese question. Great many injustices were at last put to rest when President Nixon opened up relations with China by a state visit in 1972.
The lion had ran up debts up to trillion during the Bush Presidency. Who was there to help but China?
(The Wall Street Journal reported last week of October 2006 that China’s holdings of foreign currency and securities would soon top $1 trillion, a fivefold increase since 2000.
For several years, China’s loans have helped to keep prices and interest rates low in the United States, and to finance big tax cuts. But excessive borrowing under Bush has made the United States unnecessarily vulnerable.)
Moral of this story is the nations which pride in their might are relying on the strengths of various weaker nations and in the changing dynamics of international politics such pride is misplaced.

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