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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

It is the source of all true art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein

What greater mystery can we plumb than that of life? Is there any purpose or direction for which we have been programmed beforehand?

Life is a precious gift and every man and woman has the same gift to be used and it must make sense to our rational mind. So that window of opportunity to make yourself useful to you and others around you is narrow. Between birth and death is it not wisdom if you can throw light on or connect in some way to the mystery with the key you have? If we have been endowed with fine faculties to know ourselves why do we leave it to others? Do we make sense or make sense of what others tell as truth? Of what worth is the lamp of life it it were to be shown under the direction of others than to lead our own path? These are the questions I have covered in the Illustrated Omar Khayyam.


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The Turing machine, developed by Alan Turing in the 1930s, is a theoretical device that consists of tape of unlimited length that is divided into little squares. Each square can either hold a symbol (1 or 0) or be left blank. A read-write device reads these symbols and blanks, which gives the machine its instructions to perform a certain program. Does this sound familiar? Well, in a quantum Turing machine, the difference is that the tape exists in a quantum state, as does the read-write head. This means that the symbols on the tape can be either 0 or 1 or a superposition of 0 and 1; in other words the symbols are both 0 and 1 (and all points in between) at the same time. While a normal Turing machine can only perform one calculation at a time, a quantum Turing machine can perform many calculations at once.

The Godhead in the Trinity is as God the Father God the Son and God the Spirit. In a quantum computing God can be as Father the Son and as the Spirit. Think of a polygon box in which each side can be opened. You open one side you get God as the Father and you open another you get God the Son and so on.  There is a randomness and superpositions of values assigned normally to a symbol. When we read in the Book of Revelation we need to understand ‘I am Alpha and Omega’  it is not some  juggling of words but quantum nature of cosmos.


Today’s computers, like a Turing machine, work by manipulating bits that exist in one of two states: a 0 or a 1. Quantum computers aren’t limited to two states; they encode information as quantum bits, orqubits, which can exist in superposition. Qubits represent atoms, ions, photons or electrons and their respective control devices that are working together to act as computer memory and a processor. Because a quantum computer can contain these multiple states simultaneously, it has the potential to be millions of times more powerful than today’s most powerful supercomputers.

This superposition of qubits is what gives quantum computers their inherent parallelism. According to physicist David Deutsch, this parallelism allows a quantum computer to work on a million computations at once, while your desktop PC works on one.  When Jesus says the kingdom of God is within you  it demonstrates parallelism. From a moral standpoint secular world and moral world are parallel in which any one must be able to read from the other. (How StuffWorks/How quantum computers works-by  and )


(ack: How Stuff Works)

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If you must keep the curl of the unbroken wave

I shall take the whole  ocean with their swells

with staccato rhythm of ships tossed back and forth-

In their desperate flailing

I see spirit of man still daring to steer clear

And that is much more than oceans can bear.

I am a man and nothing less than whole continent

Is my haven.

If you must give this hour and show its hustle

And bustle of senses touching heights

I shall rather settle for this moment’s grace

Where my spirit is put to its rest

By both heaven and the earth.

I am a man nothing less than this indivisible

wholeness shall keep hour and the continent

Past time’s injury.


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Every now and then some science news story will hit the press: giant asteroid could wipe out life on Earth! Nearby supernova could kill us all! Solar flares could destroy civilization! Geomagnetic reversal! Rogue black holes! And on and on. The latest doomsday news to hit the press stems from a claim by Stephen Hawking that the existence of the Higgs boson means that the universe could spontaneously collapse at any moment. Game over, Man! Game over!

The Doomsday scenario starts with a long-known property of quantum mechanics, that quantum systems don’t always have to settle in their most stable configuration. They can instead find themselves in a locally stable state (known as a metastable state). It is like fugitives from law can always stay put in a stranger’s home keeping members of the family hostage. Not for long though. Such is the weirdness of quantum state. Like man it can function in low and energy levels.

The discovery of the Higgs field is like a key to test what is the state of our universe. The universe as a quantum system is in a stable, low-energy state It could also be in a metastable higher energy state. One may ask.  How do they change to a lower energy state? It is through spooky science through quantum tunneling? Of course by the same process it is also possible that if you run toward a wall the atoms in your body will quantum tunnel through the wall and you’ll find yourself on the other side. (The chances of that actually happening is negligible at best.) If that happened, the universe would collapse and we’d all go bye bye. Of course if the universe were too stable, that could lead to other problems, such as the idea that we are actually just Boltzmann brains. (ack:

Brian Koberlein-Physics.org of Sept.10,14)


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