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Let me suppose God is Oneness of Things. Perhaps from working out broadly how our endeavours  work out we may get a glimpse of His working. In an earlier post I showed how our individual goodness or virtue seems to strike a wrong note when we consider it in terms of the whole.(ref: paradox of thrift)
Let me use analogy of music to explain Oneness of Things. There are several parts written for a choir. Music of the Spheres keeps the celestial part, and we of the earth have also parts written. If virtue of each in this earthly choir sings out of tune  what creates perfect harmony finally? If one can understand how, perhaps we may know the Being and how He works. Here alas, I have simplified since I cannot find no other way to explain. Thus I use after the similitude of  human understanding to speak of God and His Ways. God as the Genius behind the music blends it here a little and there a little till nothing of dissonance that we made remains. Everything has been rendered subservient to the music. Plans of Mice and Man, on account of this go awry every time.

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