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The tree of life has stars all lit for leaves

And below sends bitter roots through abyss:

Seek not where your sweetness begins or ends,

Your sentient life, and not the tree, lies.”



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OKquatrain borders



Who did on this narrow turf lay out stars,

And give it command to run its course?

Days scald me with despair and the night

Bind me to its post and curfew enforce.


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Under vault of heaven we make merry

Ev’n as seasons after their fashion hurry:

Surely as our peers we replaced in time

We must leave seats- for time will not tarry.



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Quatrain#11 Now Voyager


We are lost on this great sea of living

We seek no port or care where we’re heading:

Love, you and I as we make the landfall

Seek not the past nor what future will bring.((First ed.)


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Bless’d be the One who with grace infinite

Steel’d a heart to hear and do what is right;

Whence did then come this thirst to pass the hour

Or look upon death’s icy cold hands with fright?

(freely translated from Edward FitzGerald-The Rubaiyat)



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Out of earth did the Maker knead the man

And showed the heaven and stars to scan:

How long he shall sit here in silent awe

And stare at the earthen bowl and groan?

benny- free translation of Edward FitzGerald

Thus it was to this earthen jar I reckon’d
My secret, in its ample hold to be found.
But the porous jar spoke: death is the end:
Life sober and dry is not life jocund.

Variation: kit’ah
The spirited spout by its very shape
Gives somewhat a hint that it holds within;
‘Peer not in confusion of mouth agape
Drink deep and learn of me,’ so says the urn

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Love, Death

Never more crimson my love’s cheeks tinted

Than the sun in leave- taking hour blushed,

Said she, ‘You’re much sinn’d ‘gainst as I, by death,

We part to be one with earth’s treasures mix’d’.



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Rubaiyat#100- Yon Rising Moon

Yon Rising Moon that looks for us again-
How oft hereafter will she wax and wane;
How oft hereafter rising look for us
Through this same garden- and for one in vain!
(Edward Fitzgerald translation-fifth edition)

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Rubaiyat #101-fifth ed. Illustration

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Rubaiyat#14 Transience of life
The worldly Hope men set their hearts upon
Turn ashes-or it prospers-and anon,
Like snow upon the desert’s dusty face
Lightening a little hour or two -is gone.
(Edward Fitzgerald translation-first edition)

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