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Prophet Totem Pole ©

Long ago when American Indians roamed the heart of American continent they had no miracle workers. Iroquois lived close to the soil, hunted the bison for meat and lived from the fruits of the earth. They dressed themselves too well,- they wore buffalo skins in winter and loin clothes of various fibers spun from plants at other times. Children of the Plains they were.
A prophet one day came out of nowhere and revealed to them of the Great Spirit of the Plains. They were impressed. The chief asked him to marry his daughter as a mark of respect. The prophet refused politely saying that his dress was special and it did not brook any person ever touching his person.
“See how white it is?” the prophet asked.” It is made out of some cactus the likes of which grows only in the Blue Yonder. He pointed dramatically to the horizon and said,” My sanctity and powers come from this poncho which I shall leave at my death which is soon.”
One morning he went on the top of a hillock to die. His dress lay in a tepee decorated with sacred objects he had brought along. “As long as this remains white as now, it is a sign that my body shall never decay.” So he died.
The whole tribe mourned for him. They revered the dress, which each member of the tribe, young and old alike kissed in veneration. It was not obvious at first but with time the poncho changed color. It became yellow. Was it as a result of the breath of devotees or time working out changes? One day pilgrims filed past the relic: the poncho was no better than rags.
Next they checked the body to see, and it had to their horror, become a totem pole! Since then the tribe began praying to the pole instead.

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As a Christian I find Science not contrary to my belief in God.
Firstly the role of Science and of religion are not contradictory to one another. Science searches for facts, hard facts in order to support a hypothesis. In as much as it rewrites its supposition if it has no clear evidence to support, it is being true to the line of enquiry it relies on. The line of enquiry is all set within certain parameters of which reason is the yardstick. Science relies on reason and religion a belief-system demands faith of the individual. Truth that both systems seek can only be satisfied according to the conditions which are already inherent in it.
Reason is not equipped to cross over the gulf between finite and the infinite dimensions while a belief system accepts any leap of faith as natural to it.
Now while we ascribe God absolute values it is supposed God sees differently which reason cannot fathom. Thus I have no problem to think God sees events all as one. That is Infinite Wisdom of God where wisdom of man is only a finite part. It is something similar to a kangaroo word.
So in the lexicon of God chicken and egg are seen as one while we separate events. In the book of Psalms we read the verse,’My substance was not hid from thee,when I was made in secret..Thine eyes did see my substance , yet being unperfect..Ps.139:15-16,13′
There is another passage where St. Paul makes a case for the order of Melchisedec as being different from the Levitical priesthood. While discussing the tithes paid by Abraham to the King of Salem he implies Levi was yet in the loins of Abraham (Heb.7:10) In order to get clues as to how God works I rely on the Scriptures. However in order to make myself understood to others, and for negotiating with others at all levels I rely on reason as the common currency.
My personal relationship with God has its own language and mode.

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‘Obedience is good for the soul but obedience to your body makes even the hundred names of Allah sound perfect’ -An Uzbeck proverb

As the fellow who told the kazi when he was accused of impiety, ‘ When my bladder is bursting and must leak I tell the mullah,”This isn’t time. Allah can wait. The mullah didn’t. So I let him have it.’ “


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