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I met a rich wise man. He said he didn’t know if he were wise or not. But he knew he was certainly rich. He had much to show me around by way of his wealth. Then I met a poor wise man. He knew he had to be wise since he was not rich. All that he made up for his lack he displayed in our conversation and it was more of a monologue, I should say.
Much later I met a wise man sitting on a mat out in the open enjoying the setting Sun.
“Are you happy sir?” I asked him. He took time from his contemplation and said, “ I never got around to ask myself that.” He adjusted himself to face me and said, “ Now that you asked me let me tell you, sir, you make me happy.”
I spent a happy hour or two in his company and during which we would have hardly exchanged ten words. I knew I was a happy man.


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