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Between cause and effect there lies a slippery path where all your moral lessons must bite the dust.
‘As you sow so shall you reap.’ says the moralist and in early days when a woman was ‘fallen’ he was there to point out she was there because of her sin. Is it so? If she on the other hand had become the queen of the realm by everything foul what would he say? That God favored her like Esther of the biblical fame. In modern context the moralist wears a political garb and supports local church and has Evangelical fervor : he might point to a woman is a single mother and is on welfare. He knows why she is down there without support and living in squalor.’She is there because she is lazy’. Ah, we have now prosperity theology that whitewashes crooks with a bible as Gods favored. It is sign of the times.
Moral values aren’t to be set down by what is obvious. A man because has everything going for him wouldn’t mean he is morally superior.


There are already many causes and their effects on the field and it makes it not level playing ground. Some who are unscrupulous get an extra push and by taking advantage of the situation they become masters while those who had been fair and very scrupulous get thrown out.

President Bush became the president of the USA in 2000. He knew God had put him there in the White House. But did his foray into Iraq go as he imagined? In a way by his aggression he served the interests of the Shi’ites and Iran in particular. Time makes a lot of difference. Let us not judge the game before the final whistle is given.



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