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Story of Three Sisters©
Misery could not bear stay at home. So went she visiting. Wherever she went she announced herself thus,” I am Misery.” She came home all the more miserable.
Her sister Joy thought she knew how to amuse herself. She sold everything she had and went visiting. She bought presents to give away. Wherever she went she said,” I am Joy!” She was wined and dined and she gave away all she had. At the end those who received her well inquired, “What did you say your name was?”
Joy thought she had wasted her time.
Happiness, the eldest sister went visiting. Wherever she went she announced, “Will you let me stay with you? ”and the host asked every time, “Who are you?”
“ I am nobody.” At this many a door was slammed in her face.
In the end she knocked at one door. A man opened and was told the same she told others. He said,’I am nobody but I have my time to give. I have a body to keep the hearth blazing. You want to keep that going in turns with me?’

She agreed and thus she stayed on. Later he observed that he knew nobody could make him full as she did.



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A Fortune Cookie ©

A treasure-seeker went into the Arabian Desert. The night before he set out on the last leg of his journey he was in an inn where he picked a fortune cookie. Within the cookie was a strip of paper rolled neatly that read, ‘Ask kindly and do not forget to thank me for the favors’. He went to the oases as darkness fell and he had no difficulty to reach the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler. He could also find the exact spot where the treasure lay hidden. A figure now sat there as if deep in prayers. With one bullet he killed him. Rudely shoving the dead aside he began digging up. He might have kept at it for a length of thirty minutes before the shovel hit some metal.
It was a box. Before he could open it a shadow fell over him. It was that of a Jinn who put such a fright into him and he fainted.  By and by he recovered. The Jinn pointed out to the dead and said: “Did you ask him kindly?”  The treasure hunter remembered the fortune- cookie. He managed a smile and croaked, “Too late for that.”
Before dying, out of fright to be sure, he seemed to see in that face of the dead man an uncanny resemblance to himself. He was also past hearing the words of the Jinn, who exclaimed, “Not even a thanks for the favors done to him. Does not anyone believe in a fortune cookie these days?”

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