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What Do You Make Of Love? ©

Melchizadek, the King of Salem went on a mission: he was looking for a bride for the Man he had picked out at random. You see he hated his lonely splendor as much as a nightingale in a golden cage would feel. The bird loves its freedom and it can only pour itself forth into melodies in its free state.
The King with Glorious Name embodied love and since he had no subjects he had made the Man to sit with him in his throne.
The Man one day said, “Oh King, I feel with a terrible longing. Nights are sheer torture.” He unburdened his heart and the King of Salem could understand it.
“ What you need is love, Man.” Said the king with his overflowing beard. I am a King and I shall certainly find a suitable companion for you.”
It was thus he set out to seek a suitable bride for the Man.
He visited all the kingdoms of the world and Royal Houses; not a princess of the perfect virtue he could find.
At last the King of Salem went back with a heavy heart. He had failed his Man.
To his astonishment on his return he found the Man had found himself a companion. “How did you settle on this woman?” he asked. He knew from one glance the woman was of an easy virtue and she was with uncontrollable appetites. She also had a name Love.
The Man just laughed and said,” Well I thought I will also check out a bride. Hardly I stepped outside into the dark, comes this sweetie pie out of the bushes. She kinda grabbed my heartstrings.”
King of Salem would have rebuked him for his lackadaisical attitude in choosing a bride. He restrained himself. “ Well Man it is your choice. Either she will be a blessing to you. Or you may be able to redeem her to be a blessing for all nations. What am I to speak ill of love?’
Man chooses according to circumstances and has still possibilities to make good out of bad choices. Whereas Truth like the King of Salem cannot lower its standards.


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