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Benjamin Disraeli(1804-1881)

In 1831 Disraeli during his visit to Cairo met Mahmet Ali who after a career of corruption and bloodshed made himself a Pasha of Cairo and master of Egypt. He was toying with the idea of parliamentary government asked Disraeli for his comments. The visitor mentioned a few difficulties in the way of Egyptian democracy as he saw it. Mahmet was silent and thoughtful but at the next levee he gave Disraeli the benefit of his meditations.”God is great,”he began,”you are a wise man. Allah Kerim!”and he spoke of having as many parliaments as the King of England himself. “See here,”he showed two lists of names,”here are my parliaments. But I have made up my mind to prevent inconvenience, to elect them myself.”


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Fruits Must Still be Plucked ©

Girls of all ages and places
Cased in calico or edged with laces,
Laved with scents and rouged
Or plain; plucked or waxed
With a breathing skin in hose
Or bare, I know your type;
Being a girl doesn’t need hype
Anymore than time to grow:
Buds are fine but stuck to its bough
Let your flowers be in crimson
Or in lavender blaze forth.
Girls of all ages and places
Are meant for boys of all ages
And places; I know our type.
With time hanging still
Or in whirligig airborne
Boys and girls are paired still
Happily or unhappily-
Fruits must still be plucked.

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