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Madame duBarry(1741-1793)
Illegitimate daughter of a cook she became the favorite mistress of Louis XV, who declared that she was the only woman who made him forget he was 70-something.
As a young girl she was put in a high class brothel where she was bewildered by exaggerated affections and mannerisms of her colleagues. She felt out of place and lost which her mother tried to comfort thus, ”Don’t worry, men tire of always eating capons and delicate fruit; a good cabbage now and then delights them.”


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In one letter home Lord Cornwallis answering a suggestion that he employ a friend wrote curtly,”Here my lord, we are in the habit of looking for the man for the place and not for the place for the man.”
One of the biggest headaches of Lord Melbourne,(1779-1848) the Whig prime minister was the various requests made by great and small for more honours and titles. At one time losing his temper at a notably half-witted Scottish peer who clamoured for more honours he remarked,”Give him the Thistle! Why he’d eat it!”

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