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General George C. Marshall( 1880-1959) U.S soldier, statesman.
As a child George was so sensitive that he hated to be laughed of. Once he and his friend managed to get a flat bottomed boat which they used in the neighborhood stream. It served as a ferry and they went into business. Mostly his passengers were his school mates. One day one girl who boarded the boat refused to buy ticket and he saw he was beginning to look ridiculous. His partner who wielded the pole laughed at seeing his discomfiture. George pulled the cork and scuttled the boat than lose his face.
His joining the Army was accidental. His elder brother had taken Chemistry course at the Virginia Military Institute. He had done well. When George was ready to enrol in VMI he overheard his brother telling his brother not to let George go. Because he was afraid George would disgrace the family name. More was his determination to prove his brother wrong.



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Raise The Sky

Raise The Sky ©

Raise the sky, upwards;
My feet cannot unwind
From ground for reasons sound;
Keep raising
Till vaults of heaven be found.
Say one more child was made
Feel at home.

Soles of my feet see no reason
To be up when for down
They are made:
The first touch of nascent earth
Has convinced as much
The body with all its parts
Must make first a home:
Say one more child was made
Feel at home.


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