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I am passing something I received from a friend of mine who is very much into American politics. I have no interest whatsover. As far as any election in India or in USA is concerned my policy is this: May the worse of the two win! He/she  is not going to make any worse than the one who has God in his pocket.

If video of him punching a baby surfaces
If Obama confesses that the blackout ending of the
series finale of The Sopranos was his idea
If pictures surface of an 8-year-old Obama in his
local neighborhood bomb-making class with William
Ayers and other Weather Undergrounders
If Bill Clinton starts campaigning on his behalf
If The Drudge Report uncovers shocking photographic
evidence that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden were
actually college roommates. They depict Bin Laden
doing keg stands while Obama stands to the side
holding his turban and counting in Arabic.
If he was the one in the grassy noll. And there’s now
video of it.
If he’s actually John McCain‘s illegitimate black
child If the Clinton campaign digs up records in the
National Archives proving that Hawaii was not a state
at the time of Obama’s birth, thereby making him
If Obama needs to be photographed windsurfing, and
then get eaten by a shark
If Obama, trying to fit in with the Oregon locals,
goes on a white-water rafting tour arranged by Lanny
Davis Excursions
If he’s really Rev. Jeremiah Wright (note that you
never see the Rev. & Obama in the same place)
If Hillary appeals to the Supreme Court, which, based
upon a 2000 ruling, decides that the candidate with
fewer votes wins the election
If Barack Obama publicly converts to Islam and changes
his name to Osama Hafez al-Mohammed Hussein Ayatollah
Obama, while burning an American flag in the Crystal
Cathedral as he replaces the crucifix with a
do-it-yourself **** Christ.

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