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Monk Me-Alone turned his back on society, his folks and neighbours. He sat on a patch of barren land said,”I shall live here alone and live frugally so I do not owe anything to anyone”. He lived under a scorching sun and suffered the rain so much so some passersby thought he was indeed a divine fool to live so. They reported the matter to many others who were all waiting for something to distract them.

They exulted that they had a miracle in their midst. Instantly they adopted him and touted of the miracle man in their midst. Soon there were tourists cartloads who visited him and shops naturally sprang up to cater to the needs of the pilgrims.

The Monk Me-Alone said,”Bah!” He did not care an onion for those who made money at his expense. Suddenly a spring sprang up right before the spot where he sat. King of the Northern Kingdom  while passing that way heard of the miracle and asked if there could be a reasonable explanation for it. The villagers in one accord attributed the springs to the presence of the monk. The king and his party immediately called on the monk and said,” O Holy Monk, our kingdom is reeling under a severe drought and not a drop to be had. I have come in order to solve the sorry plight of my subjects.” The monk did not reply. The King said in the end,” You have diverted all the water that was meant for my people. Either you send it back to us or we take you as our prisoner till you solve our problem.”

Monk Me-Alone couldn’t answer. He had to go along with some whom he had nothing to do.(c)



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