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Life And Art

While Jesus passed through Bethany one of the local worthies took to himself to guide the master around. At one place a cloaked figure suddenly bolted out of sight. “Rabbi you see that man who ran into the alley?” Jesus stopped in his tracks.

“He is Lazarus,- the man whom you brought out from death,” said the guide,” you gave him life back so he may sin more”. Jesus already knew that Lazarus who never strayed from the straight and narrow in his life had sought pleasures, darkest ones since he got a new lease of life. Jesus sighed and said, “ I gave life since it was in my power to glorify my Father. May be it teaches him now a new way to celebrate life.” He turned the topic to something else. At one deserted place a man was trying to hang a rope from one of the branches of an olive tree. The guide said with awe, “ The man from Gadarenes. Didn’t you drive so many demons out of him?”

 Yes he was none other than the one who called himself Legion. Jesus knew he was a very brilliant performer who once earned pots of gold around Judea and in Rome by performing tricks. The man had lost his art from the moment Jesus cured him of his demonic possession. On seeing Jesus the man cringed and wailed, “ Oh Rabbi I had foolishly asked you to cure me of demons. Had I known that I would lose my art and source of income I would not have let you in.” Jesus approached him and asked,  “ Say the word, glory of my Father is to make it happen”.

The man broke down and wept and said,” You and your God! Since you healed me I lost faith in God. Completely!”

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Poetry Please!-3

A River Never Runs


A river never runs

When it can lie

Close to a shallow:

Minnows fret and sigh

And think the Sun is


It digs its toes deep

Into silt to turn in

For summer sleep.


A river knows how

To find ease

When out of its depths.

Rain may tease

In million prickles


But river gets away  

Using the mighty torrent

To clear the way.


Old hag of the earth!

Your hollows do

Tell of some fault,

Geological; too

Deep to think :

How make a river

Nature’s jig-saw puzzle,

A walk-over?



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