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We are more likely to be impressed by force of events than think a little deeper past them. What is the  significance of any event? Events constantly happen. Unless we have taken time out to look at them objectively and think well  we are likely to be carried with the flow of events. Every event must leave its own impression within. The present credit crunch and inflation are all cumulative effect of events that are taking place in different parts of the globe. Events loom larger before us since we are affected by them. But can any event be separated from Truth? No it cannot be.

A leaf has a form and also specific function as part of a plant or a tree. It may be fragile yet it can show its material nature that time may not erase. If it were not so will we be able to study the vegetation of some 66 million years old from fossilised leaves? Time covers them in dust which when settled,-and it is a continuous process, it is sediment and the minerals that they carry contribute their own impress into rocks.
Into this natural and continuous process a decomposing matter no more than a leaf leaves its mark.
To cite another example scientists drill polar caps for samples and they can understand the atmospheric conditions prevailed at the time corresponding to the sample under study.
By the same token our actions transacted in a material universe, at any point of time and place are written down with reference to Truth. Where,  one might ask. For instance a child who grows up in an atmosphere of constant bickering and domestic violence is condemned to repeat the same later on, unless he learns to grow past his bad experience to be a responsible adult. Truth of Action is freedom to work with the force of any event to one’s advantage.

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Tristan Bernard(1866-1947)
Novelist,playwright and wit
Bernard hated the effort of working on his charming comedies. One evening before turning in for the night, resolved to start work early the following day he told his maid, ”Elisa, wake me at seven. If by eight o’clock I am not up, do not disturb me before me noon.”
Tristan Bernard’s works despite his difficulty in getting around to write them proved amazingly succesfull. French As He Is Spoken was a terrific hit. He had one flop and during its brief run he replied thus to a friend who wished to receive a free seat,”We give away entire rows only.”
‘Pascal got rid of his headaches by working out geometry problems,’he noted once,’but I got rid of geometry problems by pretending to have a headache.’

‘It is not difficult to be witty if one is malicious,’was one of his bon mots. He never took himself seriously; neither could he be malicious. Even when he was once hit by a workman on the street his annoyance was over the ponderous grandfather’s clock which knocked him down. Dusting himself he asked helpfully, ”Why don’t you wear a wristwatch like everybody else?”
Once in a restaurant when his soup was served he told his waiter that he was sorry but could not eat it. The waiter took it away and brought another kind; Bernard said he was sorry but he could not eat that either. At this the propreitor came hurriedly to his side, protesting that no customer had ever complained about their soups before.
“I am sure they are delicious,”Bernard agreed,”but I haven’t got a spoon.”

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A musical note for example middle C on a piano is regular vibrations at the rate of 262 per second. If the wings of a humming bird could produce so many vibrations at the same rate it is middle C. No one by any stretch of imagination will on that account conclude the bird and the piano are one and the same. The bird has truth of nature, too distinct to be confused for anything else. This truth is drawn from Truth.

Similarly we express truth and we have a form too. This form clearly establishes our middle state.

We are finite beings.

When The Scriptures say He created man in His image it means that Truth is in him. Man is like a coin minted in the Royal Mint of Truth. We need to see Soul as its hallmark,  the seal. Whether we accept it or not we cannot escape this inherent truth.


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