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Tristan Bernard, the wit

After much persuasion from his well wishers and a fellow playwright Maurice Sonray he put in an application for admission to Academie Française which he later withdrew remarking,’the costume costs too much; I will wait until someone dies who is my size.’
His utter disregard for money once invited criticism
from his lawyer who told him that he had to cut down his expenses.”Ah monsieur,”Bernard commented,”I have enough annoyances without taking on privations.”
In order to settle his debts he had to close his account with the Banque de Paris, which he did; while on his way out he looked at the armed guard stationed at the entrance and said,”Thank you my friend. You can go home now.”

He was a soft touch and there was an old clochard who stationed himself at his doorstep who always could expect something from him. Once in early July seeing him in his accustomed spot Tristan handed him a sizable bank-note, saying “I’m leaving tomorrow for Normandy. Here’s two months in advance. You have a right to your holiday too.”
‘One talks about the illusions of those who love,’he wrote,’but would do better to talk about the blindness of those who don’t love.’
‘I’ll never grow into second childhood,’he remarked once,’I’ve never emerged from the first.’

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