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None of us can ever be a mere passive medium transferring the past strengths to the future. To the primitive man a flint stone tool must have seemed the ultimate in technology. He would have found several uses for it, but for all that the bronze age showed how inadequate it was. Do we now consider a bronze artifact any more useful than as a museum piece? Every age brings its own problems which is unique that technology needs to be more advanced to meet the demands. In inventing new ways and means we are changed by them and in turn change the future in some manner. In terms of experience we have added something to the collective experience, quality of which is as mysterious as life itself.

All of us are not Crick or Watson. We may not get any credit as they in having discovered something useful for mankind. Just the same we are also part of the collective experience or wisdom. By the same token we are not credited as having invented nuclear fission or as father of Atom Bomb. Yet we also take blame for being part of the destructive mentality of our species.


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