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Duality Of Life

Our bodies are programmed to run down. A twenty year old man is already old and worn down in comparison with an infant. Similar comparison may be made of one who is sixty, who is ancient in comparison, with one who is twenty something. Life doesn’t mean a simple linear progression from birth having an open end.
Death is built-in, which is what our biological clock tells us. Each chromosome in a cell is packed to keep it from fraying and have ends: these ends are called telemia, and as cells divide and multiply to replace old and worn out cells telemia gets progressively shortened. In normal circumstances these telemia ends are only good for some 100 such divisions or so.
Life and death in terms of our biology teach us truth: truth of nature.
As in the case of Cosmos a black hole holds its opposite white hole; life coexists with death. These dualities are reconciled by something that one may call God or Supreme Intelligence. In one of my earlier posts I had defined God as Truth. He reconciles every contradiction that exists in Cosmos; sets truth of nature, of experience and of action on a single yardstick. He is the Oneness of Things.


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In 1938 the Axis were making overtures to several Latin American countries. The intention was obvious. Nazi Germany wanted to get a foothold in
the Central and South America by infiltrating commercially, politically and militarily. At the end of the year the German Army extended an invitation to the Brazilian Chief of Staff to visit Berlin. In order to block this Brazilian Foreign Minister proposed in January that the US Chief of Staff visit Brazil on a reciprocal arrangement. The idea appealed to FDR and the ship Nashville sailed on May 10 from NY carrying Marshall and his party.
At Curtiba while reviewing a parade of six thousand school children he noticed a group of children dressed in overalls and carrying hoes and rakes. They were from a nearby orphanage. After visiting the orphanage he asked Captain North who was in charge of housekeeping to buy enough candies for the 200 and odd boys.  In short a time it was managed. And even after Marshall and his party had left for the next leg of their journey the American’s spontaneous gesture of kindness had preceded them.
In the end their mission was a complete success. Not only the German design was foiled Brazil, by prior arrangement, actively supported the US cause. When the nation was drawn into war Brazil, put the German and Japanese nationals under the strictest surveillance for the duration. ( Selected from George C. Marshall by Forrest C. Pogue. Pub: Viking Press New York)

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Scientists say that there is a black hole in our deep space sucking everything within its proximity. Not even light can escape if close enough to it. Curiously still in the heart of the universe scientists formulate a hypothesis that there would be a white hole, the fountainhead of matter. In all probability these two holes taken together must explain the life and death of everything. These two holes are somehow connected by a wormhole. Think of these like a string of beads into which every matter is hung, not in conventional sense of course, but nevertheless connected.
In order to explain let me point out the Bermuda Triangle around Puerto Rica trench. Exactly opposite to it is Dragon’s Trench off the coast of Japan. This is also incidentally located around Mariana Trench. What connects them? A wormhole that extends as far as deep space and beyond?
A cosmic impact may smash the Earth to powder, we would explain it as chance. But if these debris are collected and a new planet should come into being what you would call that? Certainty?
If we should die and continue our existence in some other form, spiritual bodies or as influences can we call death as a sad joke? I mentioned these to show our wisdom is far short of the Wisdom and Power that works on infinite scale. Science explains How but can they say for certainty Why?

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