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If every life has its absolute position what of trees or grass? Do they have an absolute position? Let me explain with a story.
The mighty king who had lorded over a large part of Asia lay dying. At the height of his glory when he sat on his Judgment Seat all those who approached him knew they were before an all too powerful king. A nod from his head spelt death for any one. A smile of course made the supplicant think Fortune indeed smiled on him. Such a man when he lay dying called with a weak voice his chief counselor to his bedside. He whispered something to him who immediately sent his servant to fetch.
It was a piece of paper folded and secured with a ribbon.
The dying king carefully opened the paper and stared at it. Then with a smile he said, “I came across a rosebush in one of my hunting trips, some forty years ago. There was one perfect yellow rose and the sight of it still in bloom bespoke something very significant. Not a day have I passed without having thought of its beauty.”
The yellow rose was no longer yellow but was withered and ugly. “ As if he had read the thought of his servant the king explained:” I myself see this after so many years. Yet it still retains its freshness and mystery in my mind.” Yes the physical reality showed the yellow rose as withered and spoilt. Yet it lived in the mind of the mighty king as though it had never suffered the hurts of Time.
Every life form lowly or grand, crawling or flying, man or woman have an other-worldly existence to which we may collectively describe as an inner world. It is a spiritual existence on which Time holds no sway.
One might call it Mind of God, paradise or something else. Yet we are all freedmen in that kingdom.

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Every life has an absolute position since my physical form is made of material, origin of which could be anywhere in the Cosmos. This is where my centre of gravity lies. No other being can occupy or duplicate it. Soul is its palpable presence that I can feel in whatever state I may be.
A Brahmin Claims His Shawl ©

One devout Brahmin prayed to Brahma and the god appeared in person. “What will you desire? Anything you ask I shall give it to you.” said the lord of three worlds. The Brahmin who had for years prayed without leaving the spot felt so stiff in his bones and asked the god to hold his shawl till he took a round. While he walked on one approached him and said he was Brahma the lord of three worlds. A little later another one, more resplendent than the other two, introduced himself as Brahma. “May be you are right,” replied Brahmin with a deep bow,” Brahma whom I would like to deal with has my shawl for safekeeping.”

My soul is like the Brahmin’s shawl. I consider soul as that aspect which gives me uniqueness whether I am clothed in a spiritual body or in some other form.
Tailpiece: Cloning is merely superficial since how two copies respond to environment will add to their differences. When dead my corporal body will experience corruption but my soul is incorruptible.
Whether on the earth or any other my position is relative to the absolute position.

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Case of a phenomenon like Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis is due to the electrically charged particles traveling along the planet’s magnetic lines strike hydrogen molecules. As a result the molecules glow in the upper atmosphere. If similar conditions exist whether in Jupiter or anywhere in Cosmos the same phenomenon should manifest. Would it not mean then that certain laws are in place? Laws of Nature?
In our Milky Way we have seen images of nebulous gaseous cloud tending to form a spiral shape with arms. When cream is poured into a stirred cup of coffee shows up a striking resemblance to galaxies with outer parts of arms trailing around its centre. Is it merely a coincidence? Or does it speak of an order?
Let me draw your attention to the double spiral in a DNA. These suggest to me that material nature of the universe defines order. This order  runs throughout the Cosmos so material behaves in a certain predictable manner under the same conditions. What does this prove? Laws of Nature hold the key to Cosmos. These laws are set in everything including ourselves.
In the Scriptures we read thus: ‘A body hast thou prepared me.’Our bodies therefore are to be considered as a vehicle for such laws that uphold the Cosmos. Thus death is merely fulfilling laws concerning material nature of a form.

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