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Law of Entropy points to the tendency of large numbers of molecules of atoms left to itself to loosen up. It shows a lapse of time.  Thus a luscious apple in course of time loses its shape, color and also taste. It is not a fruit anymore that you can bite into but has become mush. (It marks passage of time, mind you.) Now what we need to ask ourselves is this: how can an atom tend to disorder? No single atom can be in a state of entropy. It is timeless.
What would it mean to us? At atomic level we are all timeless; and yet in our transaction with others we have to conduct ourselves as if it were not. If you cannot attend to this day with all the powers at your disposal, you are beaten in the game of life.
In short we must balance between this moment and Time. We have variable speeds: visible life and inner life. Visible life keeps time in its finite mode while inner life runs on Time.

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