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Inspiration is hitching your experience to several notches higher. Raising yourself to that height is living life at a higher plane.
Curing A Nightmare©
Herenis of Alexandria as an infant cried a lot and as a child he was strange. In his eyes there lurked something wild and when he could speak he said,’ I see specters ghastly shapes calling me forth.’ Of course he saw nightmares often and his parents brought many physicians to find a cure. None of them could except one old man who listened to the symptoms of the child. He told the boy,” You write down what you have seen. Then we shall see.”
The result of it was a tale that predated Frankenstein by two millennia. Herenis wrote of the monster made by mechanical means. After he had finished to the surprise of all, he was cured of his affliction.
His mentor who suggested the cure read his book and told his parents:’ A wonderful tale. Of a monster that can change shapes. Who could have thought a monster lurking in everyday objects?’

Imagination plays with everyday aspects of life and to leap to something not yet born is to enlarge boundaries of reality. Cosmic Mind is the  Ultimate Reality in which our reality touches barely. But with inspiration we cover a higher ground. I recall one of the miracles in the New Testament. The woman who was afflicted with bleeding touched the hem of Jesus. In her inspired mind she knew she would be healed. It was so.


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Each of us lives in two different layers of time. Even as I type these, back of me, my past peers over it and its accumulated weight I cannot refuse. Experience of my race holds before me certain route map by which I may define what is life all about. From what direct evidences I have,- though not much, I dare to say my conclusion about the meaning of life is pretty sound. Sitting athwart two variable speeds of time NOW and infinite time I know much more than what my finite life would indicate.
So when we speak of time we are referring to a certain reality- in a way we can make do and profit from Time. It is as if we take a peek at Now, the pinhole through which Time is made real to us. Our understanding has grasped its essentials in the moment.
When we check Cosmic Mind we are only referring to the finite aspect of that infinite Mind. One may easily explain a glorious sunset being subject to some physical laws. Is that all? As I mentioned earlier regarding nature of time, Time rides piggyback over time.
Similarly our mind makes use of Cosmic mind in a short hand. Our mind with experience cannot escape catching its gleam. Inspiration of a poet relies on such springing that words we use for the most prosaic things of everyday use and take a leap. Result of that is sheer poetry.’The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.’ Intimations of eternity masked by the temporal.  Can anyone prove the Psalmist was wrong?

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Consciousness is what makes us what we are. We are homo sapiens, the wise ones.
We are conscious of our Self and our surroundings. If we aren’t conscious of ourselves can we be conscious of anything else? No. Our wisdom is therefore in that consciousness.
A candle flame goes out when there is no oxygen. When we cut off air the flame goes out. It is conscious of the fact. How did the flame know? There is a kind of consciousness that a flame can employ. It is virtual consciousness. Virtual in the sense it is non-existent but allowed for the purpose.
We have consciousness that is active and we use to adjust our conduct accordingly. Thus we have a public persona and another when alone. Animals also are conscious and active too. They hunt in pairs because they know their success rate in a kill would be higher. We are the wise ones because we have thousand tricks up in our sleeve that we can tame animals that are more powerful than we are. The animals use instinct and we think and become what we want to become. Or we are conscious of ourselves and can lift us by the bootstraps as it were, to achieve our goals.
We also have another kind of consciousness of which we may not have given much thought. When we are asleep we dream and at REM phase(rapid eye movement)  Why do we move eyes if we are unconscious? There is another kind of consciousness at work here. It is an universal consciousness which envelop all and also the Cosmos. Cosmic Mind, it is called. Man thinks therefore he is at home in that mind. Those who believe in God(or Allah or any other) may read it as follows: I think therefore I am in His mind.
Thus when one prays in a right spirit his or her prayers do not fall by the wayside but are instead, written in The Book of Remembrance.’

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