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In terms of reality we as species are no different from that of polyps.
Small marine animals called polyps create coral reefs. After a polyp dies it leaves behind a deposit of calcium carbonate upon which another one builds. Coral reefs stand as a testimony to their skill. Even a larva as small as a pearl has its pride of place in its formation. By the same token we all have our place in the cities we build. Then how come we have slums and ghettos while some think they are born to live in upscale and million dollar mansions? For this disparity don’t blame God or any Supreme Being. Ultimate reality represented by this Being knows no such classes as Haves and Havenots.
In one of the earliest posts I defined this being as Oneness of Things. I shall show how This Oneness works from two examples.
Coral reefs are like islands in a vast ocean looking for their meal to come in. They act as a magnet attracting other species to live in their proximity. Parrotfishes arrive there for their procreative act. They send clouds of eggs and sperm simultaneously. These fishes eat part of corals themselves. If they do damage to the reefs how is that the reefs still let them come in?
The presence of parrot fishes signals manta rays to come in. They gorge themselves with their eggs and sperm. Thus indirectly they curb the damage the fishes could inflict on the reef. Oneness of Things allows reefs to survive because predators learn to coexist with their prey in their own interest. Survival of the Fittest in the lexicon of this Oneness is to fit the prey in as many areas as the Predator acquire fitness in many others.
Snowy owls in the Tundra feed on lemmings. Without them their own survival is precarious. They are on the top of the food chain and yet they will control the number of chicks they breed according to the availability of lemmings. Thus  predators coexist with prey for their own survival. Only we humans seem to forget this fact.

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