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Now that I am by age declar’d
As redundant, a number added to
List of senior citizens do I think
Myself rusticated? Not so much as
A panjandrum left to rust.

Now that I turned irreverent age
Keep indifferent rhythms,-
Sleep is not dreaming;
Nor is eating any indulgence:
‘Keep your bowels moving
And hold plenty of greens to eat
I’m advised by abundant caution:
That speaks for my lot.

Now that I turned irreverent age,
I may well analyse my Past:
What do I of these ashes make,-
Best intentions put to cinder?
Sad fate of Lot left with a Pillar of salt?

Now that I turned irreverent age
Don’t for a moment think, I care.

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The One Who Came Back©

Jesus while going through Samaria healed ten lepers and told them to go and show themselves to the priests. One named Didymus came back to thank him and said, “Master, I shall henceforth serve you. Count me as one of your team.” The disciples would have turned him away but Jesus overruled them. “Perhaps he wants to witness me. Let him alone”. Didymus joined the crowd and when his wife came to enquire he whispered,” My good wife you better stick around. You don’t have to cook and are fed the finest. The Master can provide for all of us.” Meanwhile the nine lepers who were healed did as Jesus told them to do. Having fulfilled their obligations according to the law, they went their ways.  One of them by name Phoebus,- he was a tanner. In a workshop he worked and he worked hard. One day one of his co-workers writhed in pain by a fit. He merely caught him and lifted up. The man was completely healed! Hearing of this many sought him and he tried to help them as much as he could. Of course he still worked for his master and never did he think it wise to leave his secure job. Besides he had a family of ten to support.

One day he tried to heal some one  with a bad skin condition. He could not and he said, “ I do not know if it is within my powers. But one thing I know. ” He narrated how he was healed in the first place. Thus he passed on the difficult case to Jesus with a note. He said, “Give this note to Didymus,- he was my neighbor and he shall take you to the Rabbi”.
The man sought out Didymus and gave the note . Didymus approached Jesus and said, “ Master, remember you healed ten lepers and only I came back to thank you. Now one Phoebus, I know him well, and I am sure is shy of asking you now for a favor. He wants me to do him a favor. ”
“Do what you can by all means.” Jesus said. Thus Didymus went and told the man with a bad case of leprosy, “Be healed this instant. And  tell Phoebus to give glory where  it is due before he goes about healing.”
The man with the note was healed that moment. Didymus as he turned to join Jesus found he had become a leper much worse than before.

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