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My second tale in the above series is now available. The story is titled Tale of The Trader and The Jinn.  In case you want to have a preview you can go to http://www.lulu.com/content/3536092. I have illustrated the text with artwork both watercolor and in pen and ink.

Description: A trader goes on a journey and at a strange place he, by a  freak accident, kills a child and his father instantly arrives at the scene. He is a Jinn and he demands, ‘A life for a life,That is only fair.’ The merchant pleads for time to put his affairs in order. One year later he arrives at the same spot and awaits Jinn as promised. It so happens he is in for something extraordinary. As typical of tales from One Thousand and One Night it is to be read and looked at. Let me not spoil your enjoyment by telling any further.

Happy reading, folks!


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