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Our thoughts have their otherworldly root. From about an absolute position I put forth ideas and as I said in an earlier post, they are finite paraphrasing of Infinite Idea.
Man an idea and God as Infinite.
Prayer makes man in direct line with Him.
In short we are children of God and experience this fact when we pray.
Our ideas have their origin elsewhere. These are like filaments and we give substance or weight and shape to thoughts because we live somewhere else and we have a body to speak of. Thought must be made a reality by action.
We struggle day to day for a place in the sun. If we do not have any idea what we want from life can we achieve anything worthwhile?
Tailspin: I am writing this post for those who pray to God or any other. By praying we are merely giving flesh and bones to our innermost longing to be one with the otherworldly aspects of our being. If we hold before us the idea of being His children we have become truly His and when we do pray we realize this mystery: as ideas are to Idea we have transcended beyond our physical forms.
Is this possible? In theory, yes. As I mentioned in the post After The Fall we carry the mixed baggage of collective memory of our species and our own memory. We are fallen because our  Innocence is merely a cover-up. Body Makes It so.

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