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A Bionic Horse Am I ©

Pegasus who hovered above the rooftops was as white as snow. “ Come one! Come All!,”  the horse snorted and champed as if he knew a trick or two. The man who had for 40 years worked on accounts for a money-lender in a dim-lit  room closed the door behind him. With it he had closed his working life forever. He heard the steed swishing his silvery wings by the sharp sun.  “ Will you give me a ride?” he asked wistfully,
“One who has never rode a horse, let alone played with a rocking horse?”
“Come, I shall show such sights as never did a man see. Glorious sights, for free!”
A free ride! It was not to be missed. It sealed the fate of the man aged before his time. He asked the horse to climb a little lower and he managed to climb and sit on the beast. The horse explained that his wings were a mechanical marvel, and also his head. “ Look well into it and see for yourself. ” Pegasus took off and the man after he had got over the initial nervousness watched all the sights his eyes could take in.
“Terrible!” replied the man, “ you gave me a free ride and you made sure my life is forever broken to bits.” With a curse the man asked Pegasus to let him go on his way. “ So you shall!” Pegaus said.
“No thanks you shall receive from me!” he was certain, “ I looked and saw with my eyes the worst of my kind.”
“ Your eyes deceived you.” The horse replied,  “ You sought out what you wanted to see.  Had you looked through my eyes you would have seen something different.”
The horse flew off since it was late.


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