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Our viewpoints represent our absolute positions. Each of us is unique and as yet Truth, the absolute value gives its common base: soul as our essential self. If my soul cannot delineate what I am no amount of words are going to save me.’ Our communication ought to be yes or no and whatsoever is more than these things comes of evil,’
A nation has no viewpoint as an individual has. ‘In God we trust’ is a motto of Great Seal of the USA. In practice we see a nation works just contrary to everything so enshrined in marble and gold. How ironic that if each viewpoint of individual when added together should lead to such cutthroat competition? It is somewhat like the Council of Gods sat together to design a horse and ended in the creation of a jackass. Where did we go wrong?
Truth in its absolute sense applies to individuals and how they work with should have something higher and more noble. So if a nation should show up immoral and unjust we are at fault. We have let it happen in our personal lives and its accumulated weight shows up. Me-Factor is a term that explains responsibility of you and me in whatsoever state humankind may find itself in time and space.
My truth for better or worse is weighed down by a ball and chain of mankind. Nothing that I say shall redeem me from that shame except with my acts. Truth of action should express my soul and it may serve as an example for another to express his.


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