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Merely because my world is compromised by actions that have gone before do I join with the rest or stand apart? There cannot be a single rule. To each his own.
The saint who goes out and lives in a desert is not freed from the taint of the world. St.Simon of Stiles lived on a column and you know what? His ‘sanctity’ merely found use for a cultural artifact of the pagan world. He is since then associated with something of a world that he abhorred with heart and soul.
We direct our viewpoints in a way we become  relevant in time and place.
Lev Trotsky th founder of The Red Army was a very good organizer, whom Lenin had named as his successor to lead the Communist party. But Joseph Stalin as the General Secretary of the Communist party worked behind the scenes and had the rank and file behind him. In the power struggle that followed after Lenin was laid by a stroke, found Stalin in power. Stalin and Trotsky had different viewpoints as to the direction the party should take. It was irreconcilable and could only end in defeat for the one who was chosen by none other than Lenin himself. Had the Communist Party known that whom they backed would one day turn back on them and wipe them all do you think they would have helped the Great Psychopath?
Tailspin: Trouble with time is that it hides where your real interest ought to lie. We often make a mess of our Essential Selves in order to be like everyone else.


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