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While narrating a battle in which Persia fought against Croesus, the Lydian king, Herodotus in his Histories mentions a curious incident. At the sacking of Sardis a Persian soldier saw the distraught king of Lydia defenseless and vulnerable. So badly had the tide turned and the king did not care if he died or not. Even when the enemy soldier threatened to kill him he sat where he was. But his dumb son seeing the danger screamed. As if by a miracle the young man got his power of speech at that moment.
It is the moment that determines our worth. And we have no clue as to what we are capable of till that moment arrives. The moment of truth. We have only this moment: how shall we delineate truth?
If we cannot create Now in harmony with our Essential Self (or let Soul affix its seal of approval) forget we will ever get into grips with time in its finite mode.


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