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Renoir And Matisse

Renoir, Auguste Pierre (1841-1919)
In old age the painter suffered from arthritis which twisted his hands and the cramps got worse. One day Henri Matisse watching him wield a brush with his fingertips and continue, despite the excruciating pain involved in each movement, asked why he persisted in painting.
Renoir replied,”The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”( Ack: Charles Getts-Guideposts)
Shortly befor his death, at 78 Renoir painted a watercolor- a bowl of anemones. He said it was his visiting card ‘to introduce me to the painters of heaven.”
Henri Matisse(1869-1954)
A woman who knew what she liked in art was visiting Matisse in his studio. She studied the painting on his easel for a while and said, ”You have made the arm on that girl too long.” Reply of the artist was as simple as it was profound. He said,”Madame that is not a girl,it is a picture.”
Matisse painted portraits of his friends on the ceiling of his bedroom and he explained why.’They make me feel less lonely when I’m asleep.’


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