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He works in mysterious ways of course. No man or angels can ever say how for sure.We humans seem to be quick in judging events;while some Christians seem to think that they can. Ah I have seen in my time some preachers who think they have established a hot line with God as soon as they have gone on their knees. They have their followers who believe what they want to believe. But are they right?


Earth’s geomagnetic field owes to two sources-one generated deep within the outer core and one in the shallow core. The events every individual sets off create energy outflow and the combined effect of the whole also creates a field where any event at any given time and place must meet. Thus success we attribute to any action has but a short duration and how it turns out on a long range is anybody’s guess.
Does God affect the outcome? Like a solar flare disrupts magnetic activities we are subject to higher laws that we give names. God or Oneness of Things etc.,
God is Truth. Our interactions with one another create a magnetic north, which is different from True North.

If one throws all scruples to the winds and yet seems to prosper, do not accuse God of being indifferent. By the same token do not think merely because you are so law-abiding and honest God confers you special advantages. Our concept of God is as different as magnetic north is from True North.
We observe and speak from our finite position. How can you say the evil man doesn’t get his comeuppance? Evil exacts silently its own pound of flesh. This I can speak from my limited experience. A man who ‘undeservedly’ get shafted by life for all his piety may develop by life experience an inner core untouched by reward or threats. He shall have equanimity and poise even in the face of trouble. Yes Goodness has its own reward.
For all intents and purpose it suffices me; as I would worship God the Father,’Let Thy Kingdom Come’. With God in His rightful place whatever happens for good or bad from my point of view is to be accepted. Also to be improved as best as I can. How can I be resigned to what I can change if it is against my good sense? Having tried all to leave what is beyond my control to God.


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Is decalogue relevant in this time and age? In the ten part series Dekalog, Krzysztof Kieslowski examines the dilemma of fundamental sin in the lives of ordinary Warsaw citizens. Note the geographical microcosm where the episodes take place. Poland with its checkered history under oppressive regimes one after the other, has always been a staunch support for the Church be it of Catholic or Hebraic persuasion. The Ten Commandments refer to the relationship between man and God and sin being as clear as any disruption in the above equation. Dekalog has a strong storyline and characters well fleshed out and is often brilliant but uneven, which however should not deter us from considering the film as a masterpiece.  The episodes were meant for TV.

The first of Kieslowski’s 10-part series, Dekalog 1
“I Am the Lord God”,
Krzysztof (Henryk Baranowski) is a scientist who puts his faith in science and logic to govern daily life (Decalogue I). He brings up his young son Pawel (Wojciech Klata) in an apartment block flat. In the absence of a mother their home is dedicated to technology: on assorted computers they can plot out their lives, perform calculations and even, thanks to Pawel, control appliances around the apartment. He has long since lapsed as a Catholic. Pawel has a female role-model in his aunt Irena (Maja Komorowska. For a 11 year old Pawel life and its spiritual meaning is of no interest. Life is wonderful as long as he’s able to go skating.
His Christmas present is a new pair of ice skates and, as the ice looks thick, Pawel’s keen to try them out.  One evening the boy does not return home.
The loss of a child is always devastating but given the age and the potential of such a boy with so much in him to flower we can feel the waste and tragedy and it is in the generation of these emotions that Dekalog 1 succeeds. In such poignancy of futlity and despair how strong are analytical methods and reasons, or what we call a scientific temper?

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