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No great monument like the Pyramids of Cheops could have been built on the levels of energy of the ruling class alone. So the powers-that-be hit upon an idea that would electrify the masses. A belief in afterlife and the pharaoh as a celestial symbol made it all possible.
Think of every life form having equal share to energy that is a constant. Isn’t that wealth even though that may not be counted in dollars, pounds or in Euros? Who holds all that wealth?

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Even when Disraeli was young he lived by the maxim:’To govern men you must either excel them in their accomplishments or despise them.”Dizzy hated every bodily exertion and everything his contemporaries were passionate about. While at Malta he happened to remain in the galley watching English officer at a game of tennis. Ever at pains to play a dandy he picked the ball which flew and stopped by his side. While the player waited for the ball to be thrown back he gingerly picked it up. With exaggerated affectation he asked the one near to him for the ball to be forwarded to the court. His excuse was that he had never thrown a ball in his life.
Disraeli Contests
In 1832 Disraeli stood for High Wycombe as a radical. From the portico of the Red Lion he spoke with flourishes and verve for one and a half hours. Winding up his speech to the electorate he declaimed pointing the head of the lion above,” When the poll is declared I shall be there,” and pointing to the tail he continued,”my opponent will be there.” The mob applauded him warmly but the Corporation and burgesses who controlled the election consigned him to the tail.
After many futile attempts to enter the House of Commons Disraeli managed to enter the House on 1837. On Dec.7 he rose to make his maiden speech, following Daniel O’Connel whose Irish Party gave the Whigs their majority. His elaborate sentences and stylish manner were to the radicals, like red flag waving before a bull. They had not forgotten his attacks on O’connel a few years ago. They laughed uproariously as he began and despite his persistent appeals to gain a hearing he was booed at. Nevertheless he persisted and he was barely audible. He said,”I am not at all surprised at the reception I have experienced. I have begun several things many times, and I have often succeeded at last as they had done before me.”More hubbub. Upto this point he had appeared unruffled and good humored. But now in a voice almost a scream he shot out,”I sit down now, but the time will come when you will hear me.”
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Energy As Wealth ©
This is the story of two brothers. Hedgie-Lee was the older and his brother was Lee-Hung Woof. They had not a yen between them when their father died. Mr. Hedgie went to Shanghai. When he first came home he saw his brother picking scraps of paper from the dusty lanes and splashing water about.
“Why break your back?”
Oh I mind the environment. There are lots of dust and rubbish. Health of our village is..”
“Ah you needn’t quote from the little red book.” The older brother was always irritated by his idealism. ”Mao is dead and gone. Wake up brother!”
Mr. Woof asked, “What do you in the big city?”
“I sit in a big hall and watch dots of lights go up and down. When the gong strikes some fellows just like me sit around and compare notes. And at the end I pocket wads of notes. I earned it.”
Of course Woof didn’t understand what it is to be a broker. His brother had money to burn. That shut up all who thought he was idling away chasing some one’elses money.“
“It must be festival time!Every day!” was the remark of Mr. Woof when he came next to see his brother. Mr. Hedgie was a director in one of the investment banks.
“You must work hard to earn such a three piece suit?”
Mr. Hedgie chortled. He knew his brother wouldn’t understand a word of his operations. He grimaced to see his brother waste his time taking health inspector, a barefooted peasant, around each house to check the pregnant mother and the infants. “ Infants are prone to sickness if we didn’t take care of their mothers. So I identify all the pregnant mothers who needs looking into.”
Mr. Hedgie checked before he felt anger rising within. “It is your life!” he said curtly and next time he came and announced that he was the CEO of Greed-Is-Good Bank.
A year later Mr. Hedige came all in a fluster and whispered,”Hide me brother. I lost even the shirt off my back.”
While he blubbered how he had lost all wealth, and was about to be apprehended for all the economic woes, Mr. Hung said,” You can start all over. You still have health?”
“You mean I should sweat out as you do?”
Then he caught the sight of a certificate hanging on the wall, signed by the Chairman himself, thanking him for the services.
“ I receive a stipend that takes care of all my needs.” Mr. Hedgie coud see that his brother was made much of by the entire village. They saw to that he was not in want in any thing.
Mr. Hedgie made money with no sweat but Mr. Woof because of his dedicated service won the respect and affection of all. Energy that he collected by selfless service does not clink as gold.
For some anything that they cannot convert into money is worthless. There are so many such fools walking about grown up but still like a baby inside. They cannot distinguish between the real and trifle.

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“Government is trying to inject some liquidity into the market and how does AIG executives take it? Wining and dining at some fancy party is how they see the bailout.”

Nero eat your heart out!


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