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“At the Creation Time each life form was allotted equal level of energy to which behemoths complained. Their complaint was that they were the largest elephant-like creatures. “You have counted us equal with insects which are so many.”  “Our energy level is same..”
“Trim yourself to make the most of it.” Advised the Keeper of the Celestial Park.
Taking heed of his advice they became in course of time, elephants which were half the size of their forefathers. Complaints of injustice did not come from the behemoths alone. Bees were angry too. They saw mites lolling whole day among the herds of cattle. They complained to the Celestial Keeper that holding same levels of energy with those lazy blood suckers was unfair. “We buzz all day and by sundown we are a wreck!”
“Make your constant toil, something to remember by.”
The result was that they began producing honey, which pleased all.

One old bear when he was about to die called the Keeper and said, “Give bees, whatever energy left of mine.”
“Why such kindness?” the Keeper could not understand.
“I am thinking of my cubs.” The wise old bear said,” perhaps self interest. Call what you will.”
Jai Paramartha told this story to a crowd who had come to hear his discourse. As the mystic came out one scoffed at it and said, “I don’t believe in such a thing as passing one’s energy level whatever left of it to another.”
Jai Paramartha flung his hand as if to strike him. Involuntarily the other raised his hands to block the blow.  “Why do you pose like that?”
“Master I thought you meant to strike me.”
JP merely looked at him and passed on with a friendly smile. “I -a man of peace strike you! Hai Ram, Ram!.”
In every action and reaction energy is carried across. Every cause and every effect in the loom of Cosmic Nothingness works non-stop.


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Is there a moral writ governing events and men? Readily there comes to my mind the fate of Belshazzar. The writing on the wall judged the Babylonian king.
I can also cite the case of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon Bonaparte who assumed the title of the emperor of France showed by a series of victories he was worthy to be included among the immortals such as Alexander and Julius Caesar. His brilliant victories created such a condition he could not have sat idle with such a powerful army battle hardened and disciplined under his command. Thus he was caught in the crest of a wave that took him to his Russian campaign. Disaster was the result. What went wrong?
Do you not see his overweening ambition was a trap? Moral sense works to show what a sorry figure a man cuts when he chooses to disobey the Moral Writ of the Spirit Realm.

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