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Conjugation Principle
Consider the optical illusion where we could spot a figure or a vase depending on what we are looking at. In other words we choose to see what we want to see. (see note)
Can there be an island without the sea? We may be talking about the island but sea is ever in the background. Merely because we see the reality of island shall not make the reality of the sea any less.
Duality of Man has body and spirit. Both are conjugated because of the soul. Inner life and Physical life. From our inner or spirit life we translate thoughts into actions by means of energy. In the past posts I have been discussing energy as bills of exchange. Energy as the means to negotiate our hereafter is as permanent as our absolute position is forever fixed in the cosmos.
Suppose death means stepping out of here and now into the hereafter our energy profile should still carry certain facts about us. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. So energy profile encapsulates our physical life on Time-Space mode.
The scriptures speak of spiritual bodies. I think hereafter is where we are reversed. What would that mean? What was our inner life or spirit becomes our body while our corruptible body or whatever is left of it becomes our inner life. Flaming creatures we shall be.
In short on the pinions of soul we switch our body and spirit around as in the face-vase illustration mentioned above.
Note:‘To make sense of the world it is necessary to organize incoming sensations into information which is meaningful. Gestalt psychologists believe one way this is done is by perceiving individual sensory stimuli as a meaningful whole. Gestalt organization can be used to explain many illusions including the Duck-Rabbit illusion where the image as a whole switches back and forth from being a duck then being a rabbit and why in the figure-ground illusion the figure and ground are reversible.’(wikipedia)

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In or Out

A Polynesian chief was showing an European traveler around the landscape dotted with a few hundreds of volcanic mounds and at some point he stopped. He said reverentially, ”We are at the navel of Mother Earth.” Unmindful of the astonished look of his guest he continued, “ These hills are not ordinary… it is the earth inside out.” Pointing to a mound he said that it is called the Cloud Hill. Another he said was named for the Sun.
The traveler was skeptical.
“There you see the hill pointing to the moon?” The chief said. “Well what of that?”
“That is where we sacrifice tonight, at the very top.” “ In honor of the moon goddess? The visitor asked. “No, to Mother earth!”
“Chief I would have thought that you could have given her due reverence without climbing the hill ?” His guest asked. “No, She showed her inside out pointing to where she wish to be honored. So we merely fulfill her wishes.” The chief said with great awe.
Pacings of a life form are synchronized with Oneness. How one moves between two time scales is by balancing the spirit and body. Thus one functions Here and Now.

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Chalk it to my innocence in economic matters, or I am out of step with the young eager beavers who gravitate to investment banking like proverbial duck to water, which perhaps is right either way. I often think of events I read daily while stretched on my mattress. When I am thus inclined I know my deposit in my bank is quite safe. Of course I lay on it to think and to feel safe. By the way my mattress serves as my bank. Some time ago, in 1995 I think, I quite clearly remember of  reading about Nick Leeson, late of Britain’s Barings Bank. ‘I even thought had I the guts I could have stood in his shoes and busted Barings Bank before lunch and went out to do a few more to keep my day full’. But which Bank will employ for their most dangerous missions,(one of which evidently is in window dressing their annual reports,) one whose entire banking operation is restricted to his mattress? Lehman Brothers would have laughed me in my face to put it out of joint, I know for certain.
Only lately I realized there are two avenues that market economy takes to. Main Street and Wall Street. I am lifelong learner. So I went about asking questions. Then I asked those who dabbled in stocks Pug and Mug, who were sitting by the kerb. They replied, “ Economic meltdown, Ben. When we began playing in stocks sky was the limit and now it has come down and took us with it.” It seems one goes to Yale or some other university where all that you get is an education. It must be job-oriented, any fool will tell you that.  Pug my Yale educated friend was signed up even before he left College to put ‘Greater-fool-theory’ to practice. As far as I can see the bubble burst just as Nasdaq bubble of 2000, Nikkei bubble of 1991,stock market crash of 1987and 1929, Florida real estate bubble in the 1920 and so on. Give a fool a bubble and all that he thinks of is buying up stocks and hope to sell to another. Meantime he trusts in God that it will not burst in his face till a greater fool could be found. Well I think I will lie on my mattress to think when it is going to burst again and over what. Honest to God I know that it will , only the details will change here and there. While Pug and Mug are out waiting for the bailout I shall sleep.
By the way I don’t sleep all that well what with nickels and quarters make my bed quite lumpy.

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‘Fear and loathing is spreading as signs mount that the economy is in danger of losing its balance,’ so reported the AP economic reporter on Wednesday. When on earth did economy ever show balance with so few earning millions by way of profits while the rest had to settle for peanuts?


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