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More Or Less

Ozymandias, the king of kings of whom Poet Shelley wrote thus,  ‘Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!’ one day addressed his Court and said he had arrived at the extent of the Cosmos. “It is my will that no one shall either add or subtract from the extent of it, on pain of death.”
A month later the court jester was brought before him. He was accused by his neighbor of saying his Cosmos was larger than that of his master by a hands width.
The oriental despot glared at the pitiful jester in an outlandish costume standing before him even as the courtiers shuddered: ’It is death in his looks!’ They all seemed to say. Next moment the king let out a loud guffaw. “Oh it is you! My court jester!” Turning to his vizier he said: “Does not the Law of our ancients allow our court jester to speak out with impunity?” He said to his jester, ”It is a scream that you think a grander thought than I. Court etiquette permits you to be outrageous. Why limit with a hands width?” The king was rolling in mirth; so was the entire Court. Yes why not?

While we quarrel over what is immeasureable why not more or less?



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