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SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, British Statesman, writer  ( 1874- 1965 )



Sir Winston’s early desertion from Tory ranks was to haunt him even in ‘20s. In the 1922 elections Churchill saw his party routed and Tories, triumphant and himself defeated at the polls by an unknown Prohibitionist named Edwin Scrymgeor. While in hospital with appendicitis the results came in on which he later observed as thus: ‘In the twinkling of an eye, I found myself without an office, without a seat, without a party and without an appendix.’


Even in his early days in Westminister , he was quite cheeky and his barbed wit had much to do with his events leading to his defection in 1904 from a party,  fortunes of which was later to become synonymous with him. His desertion made him then an outcast among his former associates. On one occasion Sir. William Joynson- Hicks made some statement in the House, to which the young Winston seemed to object.

“I see my Rt. Hon’ble friend shakes his head,” said Sir.Hicks, “but I am only expressing my own opinion.”

“And I,” retorted Churchill, “am only shaking my own head.”


On one occasion Churchill said something which brought another member to his feet choking with vehement protests that  his protests were hardly intelligible.

“My Rt. Hon’ble friend,” said Winston, “should not develop more indignation than he can contain.”


When a rather long winded speech was being delivered in the House of Commons Winston Churchill leaned back with his eyes closed. The speaker observing his response to his speech complained thus, “Must you  fall asleep while I’m speaking?”

“No,” replied Churchill keeping his eyes still closed, “It’s purely voluntary.”


“Winston you’re drunk,” said Bessie Braddock, Socialist member for Liverpool, in the House. “Bessie, you’re ugly and tomorrow I’ll be sober but you’ll still be ugly.” retorted Churchill.



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