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Pipin the Hot (not to be confused for Pipin the Short), the king of Blissfully Ignorant asked his spiritual father to pray earnestly for divine intervention. It was his desire that he taught Pipin, the Short, a lesson. Pipin the Short ruled the kingdom of Hanky-Panky.
Monk Anselmo, the holy one prayed and the angels heard his request.
Archangel Michael presided over the Heavenly host and the commanders held counsel. One said thus:” We can let a war decide the issue. But can Pipin, the Hot survive the consequences?” On checking with Anselmo the archangel decided that the Two Pipins might get their heart’s desire.
The war was short and fierce. The war was in the favor of Pipin, the Hot. Hardly the truce was declared than came four horsemen: Famine, Hunger, Plague and Death. These made the kingdom of Blissfully Ignorant, not even worth a straw.
Pepin the Short had to abdicate his throne and his son ascended to the throne, half of his kingdom totally useless for growing food. After a long reign he had the satisfaction of seeing a description of the War of Two Pepins as a total victory for Pepin the Short.  It so happened the land, which was unfit for cultivation was turned over to the foreign investors to build apartment complexes. The kingdom of Hanky Panky exploited the construction boom while Blissfully Ignorant let the opportunities go by.
Tailspin: From what we experience in the present, of economic meltdown one may wonder how long Pepin the Short enjoyed the economic boom. For a period certainly. Now or then such boom is of certain period of time. Time brings changes and in the wheel of fortune none may predict how one hits the bottom or reaches top. Cluster principle is a kind of leveler by which a fool may also have his day.  As Andy Warhol observed every one of us may enjoy 15 minutes of fame.


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