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Western democracy drew muscle from Greek model while Adolph Hitler was much impressed with Spartan model and it led him to a totalitarian form of government. Inspiration from ancient history or from social malaise of the day leads man to seize control. Or think of a prophet who sees visions of Zion and takes control of the state. His mission is to form a theocratic state but ensures his authority by fire and sword. Isn’t such mad prophet also working under inspiration?

Think of Oneness of Things as Truth, a constant. God is Truth while inspiration is the office of Holy Spirit. The man who wants to take control and impose his will over others is working with love. I mean love of power. It doesn’t matter if it is for good or bad.  Love and inspiration of life forms do two things: changeability of  circumstances give every man an opportunity to test his love and the spirit that animates him. It also is Nature’s way of equipping species with survival skills. Species who make a niche in the rain forests draw from experience, and their survival in micro climate under inspiration describe Darwin’s theory. Natural selection it is called.

Tailspin:Truth, Inspiration and Love signify Trinity in secular vocabulary.



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