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Not long ago a Russian Jew who could finally immigrate to Israel made a starting discovery. He averred that all the hallowed names of Talmud teachers were encoded in the Torah. It made a ripple I think until some one demonstrated from a page picked at random out of a novel the name of late princess Di. He made up the name in step code from letters of each line. The trick was in knowing what to make. In this fashion one may with equal felicity pick out Lucifer or devil from any page in the Holy Book.  The question is this: is it worth the trouble?
In somewhat cavalier fashion we make doctrines out of text and attach great importance sentences taken out of context. Many cults would have no leg to stand on if it weren’t so. The ‘Mad Monk of Russia’ yes that one and only incomparable Rasputin indulged in orgies because of a Pauline verse, ‘Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?’(Rom 6:1) Only that he conveniently skipped the verse that followed the quote. He was always for grace flowing as if from a tap.
On the other hand there is another sect equally pernicious and narrower in their outlook.
In my time I have seen the rascally lot who call themselves Pentecostalists. They dress themselves in white, deny themselves (at least for public consumption) of man’s art such as medicine, TV or cinema. They have a form of godliness but they are as with any cults, ravening wolves. (I speak this from my direct experience.)
There are no two opinions as to the driving engine of two Covenants that make up the Bible. One is squarely based on Works while the New Covenant that replaced the old is solely dependant on Grace. Then mixing them both is straight from the devil’s kitchen. Remember the parable of wheat and the tares (Mt.13). While we do our apprenticeship here and now we do so as human beings. I am a humanist first and then a Christian (in the sense of belonging to a particular faith). The relevance of grace only applies to our flesh: we do our best humanly possible and where our weaknesses have made this less than adequate grace of God takes over.
In short if we cannot be faithful to what God has given our body and a rational mind, to know the difference between good and evil, we are like salt that has lost its savor.


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Through A Glass Darkly ©

Let the child in man
Speak without lisp;
And let its wisdom unalloyed
Give Old Adam the way out.
Kaleidoscope so I deem
What we through glass darkly
Trace our journey,-
Beginning by the end
Of all journeys we span
Yet another garden:
Old ‘Zekiel’s vision we must span
In our crack’d glass
Yet again: half child and half man.
See the child that I was
In a halo of light is merged
With Adam in a shroud:
Kaleidoscope, so I deem.

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