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Nature has a way of breaking up pollutants from piling up. Tides show how. Tides have an ecological role to play. They cleanse the manmade pollutants. Nutrients if accumulated in excess will have a deleterious effect on plants. Urban pollutants are carried through rivers to the sea where marine organisms benefit.
Bivalves and mud shrimps filter what they need while pollutants seep through tidal flats; during low tides it is an opportunity for marine birds to take their pick. These life forms help restoring a balance. Oneness is impartial in letting the results, both good and bad in human civilization, to spread around.
Behavior of Low and High Tides has same characteristics as that of mankind. In order to understand what causes the tides one needs to look beyond the sea. Or the earth. Power of the moon to pull or slosh the sea around in turn depends on something else.

Consider the lilies of the field...’ Nature expresses love and it is Nature’s way of playing by the rules. Rules? Oneness of Things has to be translated by all things whether they play it on a level playing field or under extra ordinary circumstances. War, earthquakes included.



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