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Oneness of Things each life form expresses in so many ways. It  is a biological imperative in one sense.

Every species follows a core idea: thus species of a bird living in a secure environment with no known predator around consider wings are an unnecessary appendage. It is an idea. Dodo was such a bird found in the forests of Mauritius east of Madagascar. Raphus culcullatus was a pigeon-like bird known to weigh some 17 kilograms and the last bird became extinct in late 1600. First sighted by Dutch sailors the species in a matter of 174 years died out. Unfortunately the Portuguese seamen who made their landfall upon this remote island found the meat a delicacy. It is often said they were responsible for their untimely demise. Really? These ponderous and wingless birds were in the habit of laying eggs on the surface: and it had much to do with their undoing. Yes, the Portuguese sailors hunted them for their meat. But rats, monkeys and pigs brought by sailors and left behind did the rest. Extinction was a foregone conclusion with so many accidents adding up.
To sum: in islands where no threat of predators exists life forms thrive and tend to be bigger. Dodo needed no wings.  Nature plays a role in giving species certain directions in their evolution; also would nature of man in either destroying them or preserving them. Did Oneness of Things have a role to play in their extinction? I do not think so.  Evenso fall of sparrow and of man do make an entry in the collective consciouness of life.


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