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Oneness of things allows so many factors to come into play where no nation can for long brutalize others for their own ends. No nation may foretell from where their destruction shall come. Nature plays her part and also wars are means to bring about the nation’s downfall. Again we see England in the post WWII, all their glory drained from them. From cause and effect what lesson can we draw? Is it not that there is a moral factor in the manner the might of nations are brought low?
God’s judgment on Babylon was as much a political necessity as well as His providence on a nation under oppression.(Dan 5.) Once again we see the state of Israel being plucked out of holocaust. When I see the oppressed turn the oppressor themselves, in the way Palestine is treated I can very well imagine: the nation have invited a moral judgment on themselves. Who shall serve as God’s instrument is not for me to say.

Historical necessity is often a synonym for moral imperative.



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