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Parallel Worlds-a story

The first nomad who settled in a city was a patriarch. He had several wives, concubines and servants. His family settled on the plains and made it a city! One night a hot summer night he went to the terrace to sleep. He saw a field of stars and was convinced, “There is a new world out there!”
Next morning he called all members in his household and gave them a charge to possess that field of stars. His family over the years dispersed each son founding new cities and new religions. One son came to visit the dying patriarch and said thus, “ Father, the field out there is full of cities as here on this earth. Here we have valley of tears and mountain of impossibilities. There the city of joy.” Later he explained that he made sure his family was fixed in that city of Heaven. “ My royal son, who is without any fault I sacrificed the day he turned twelve. He is there, free from all evil we humans are prey to. When I die he shall see to that I am provided with an apartment more in keeping with my dignity.”  Every member had a similar story to tell. In the end one servant approached his dying master to say, “ Don’t ask me what I have done to make my place certain, I dread leaving this certain place.” He cried and added, “I have grown so used to serve others and I am dependent on their generosity.Here I have a sure thing.” Dying patriarch urged him to explain himself. He replied, “ There is a  new world out there, and I may have to make my own decisions. I do not feel I can manage that.”
There are those who are one- world people and also who straddle many worlds. .  We have one-world people, which in no way is to be construed in negative sense.  Demas was one such(2Ti 4:10).  We read that he loved the present world. On the other hand we read of Patriarch Abraham living in tents because he was searching for a city ‘whose builder and maker is God’.(Heb 11:10) He is an example of man who lived in parallel worlds of spirit and physical world.
Buddha is said to have had 550 lives while Hinduism teaches of endless cycles of birth and death. So one may assume if we subscribe to parallel worlds these could be infinite for argument sake.


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