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What is a symbol? A symbol places an abstract idea in concrete terms. Considering that we are physical beings we use aspects of our spiritual world in terms of persons and objects: bride of Christ and being built on the foundation of Christ etc., Such similitude of one world in terms of another is necessary owing to our imperfect state.  As spiritual beings whatever devices we employ here and now, be it symbols or parables shall be made unnecessary. It is thus hereafter.
In Bible we read of  the matter of baptism. ‘As many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.’ (Gal3:27) Controversy of this has divided the Church into so many sects. Man, how can you say adult baptism is the correct way by citing a few verses from here and there? Cannot parents of a baby stand guarantor for bringing up the baby in every manner that is pleasing in the eyes of God and man? Or do you think a man who has indulged in every kind of vice by an act of baptism (which in all probability may be the result of ‘a momentary madness’ such as one we often find during revival meetings at the time of altar call) will not backslide?  In whatever state one ‘puts on Christ’ can never run the course without His grace. This being the case those who cause unnecessary controversy (on matters that are open to dispute,) have put on Christ but it doesn’t fit them.


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