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Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza

‘JERUSALEM – Human Rights Watch said Sunday that Israel’s military has fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus into Gaza and a doctor there said the chemical was suspected in the case of 10 burn victims who had skin peeling off their faces and bodies.

Researchers in Israel from the rights group witnessed hours of artillery bombardments that sent trails of burning smoke indicating white phosphorus over the Jebaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza. But they could not confirm injuries on the ground because they have been barred from entering the territory.

The chief doctor at Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza said he treated several victims there with serious burns that might have been caused by phosphorus. He said, however, that he did not have the resources or expertise to say with certainty what caused the injuries.

The substance can cause serious burns if it touches the skin and can spark fires on the ground, the rights group said in a written statement calling on Israel not to use it in crowded areas of Gaza.

Military spokeswoman Maj. Avital Leibovich refused to comment directly on whether Israel was using phosphorus, but said the army was “using its munitions in accordance with international law.”

Israel used white phosphorus in its 34-day war with Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. The U.S. military in Iraq used the incendiary during a November 2004 operation against insurgents in the city of Fallujah’.( By JASON KEYSER, Associated Press Writer)
The trouble with war is that attacking party has to ratchet up the level of violence and munitions used will also progressively bear proof of that. Incendiary agents show Israel’s military  are desperate to wrap up a war as quickly as possible before international pressure is building up across the world. In Lebanon in 2006 the use of incendiary medium didn’t help them and why should they hope it would work now?
Unfortunately Israel are  letting themselves into the path of the terrorists. Do Israel’s military think they can stop short of a dirty bomb in prosecuting war or prevent the enemy from using one?


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A mind that can dream and hands that can shape the dream to reality; A man with such credentials would not be complaining of life passing him by.


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Why old people are more ready with their advices?  Is it because they have wealth of experience to pass on? If so what makes them think others will take their advice untested? Those who became old without benefiting their own experience are like a pharmacist’s wife who writes out prescriptions merely on the strength of her husband’s knowledge.


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