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When we are saved our names are recorded in heaven(Lk 10:20).  Soul is my essence whether clothed with a corruptible body or out of it. It  is a record of events signifying my life on earth and hereafter.


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Rabbi Benn Weiss had to visit an ailing aunt who lived three days journey from our town. I volunteered to keep him company throughout the trip and my friend and counselor agreed. On the first day as we broke the day’s travel at a way-side inn he had company of travelers who had been to Jerusalem. From their animated tone of talk I guessed they were Zionists and were telling my friend about the advent of Messiah.
“He is the prince of peace,” Rabbi Benn Weiss explained to me. I asked, “ A fine prince of peace, to keep away while brothers are at each other’s throat”. Seeing raised eyebrows all about me I explained, “ Prince of peace must not only settle peace but also see that there is no room for the Children of Israel and of Ishmael to quarrel. ” The Zionists heard this part of conversation and they laughed loudly. “O Rabbi, your companion seems not to know anything of the complex issues that we must grapple with.”
“Yeah,” I snapped, “ You laugh as though the whole land is yours. You remind me of a burglar who the night before burgled my house and before the judge defended with an impassioned plea that he had owned the goods all along!”
The rabbi tried to change the topic but his friends went on lecturing me as to the way God had picked out Abraham for His blessings. Even before one could recite the verse I preempted the move by citing that I was quite familiar with it. I quoted the verse without an error and added,“ You were kicked out of Jerusalem by the Romans. What for?” I explained that the Jews were scattered to far corners of the earth because they had rejected the Messiah. It is God’s judgment.”
Later I told my friend that God had promised the patriarch that he would bless all nations through him, “ Does it not prove then that God scattered Jews so when Christianity spread, it would find a ready soil for conversion?”
The Rabbi was all for changing the subject and I said, “Jews were blessed so Christianity may be spread throughout.” He at last could say, “ I cannot think except as a Jew, Jake, nor can you except as a Christian. So let us not discuss or intrude into the office of God.”
Useless controversies can only be a waste of breath. God’s judgment is representational dispensation. Why? We represent God’s love here on earth and any dispensation we attribute to God has to be then representational in nature. Lack of peace only means we are imperfect beings. Advent of Prince of Peace is merely a standard for us to take measure from.

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