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Mr. Lazybones went in search of work. “A new town is coming up beyond this river,”he heard the people say. ‘But I thought economy was in bad shape?”
“I too heard but never trust rumors,” said one as he passed by. He moved on. When he crossed the river there was quite a crowd. They were all excited. Lazybones smiled to see everyone happily jostling one another. Watching them he brightened up. He had enough time to try his hand in some diversion before he settled down for good. He knew it was his last chance. He heard a fellow grumbling,”A reg’lar scrimmage! Can’t believe my eyes!”
“I always wanted to try my hand at scrimmage.” Said he.
He would have made a dash past every other but a man blocked his path. He sat in front of a table and he gave such a look Mr. Lazybones thought rugby was not as he thought it ought to be.  The burly man in a dirty overalls, “Have you got your pass?”
Mr.Lazybones looked here and there. “What are you looking at?” The man with dirty overalls asked him.
“ But where is the ball?” He replied. He said,”You mean football?” He leant towards him and said,” Work is what you find here!” Lazybones instantly knew he was a hard taskmaster.” I thought of a forward pass. Intead I find work. Impossible!”
He was about to leave but the man said, “ Why did you come here in the first place?” Mr.Lazybones said he was greatly mistaken. “Watching the crowd was fun. Following a rumor also also up my alley.” Mr. Lazybones grumbled,”But I’ve had no idea it shall lead to this. So soon!”
Thus Mr.Lazybones turned away. He went into the plains. He walked for sometime. The sun was very hot. He wished for some shade. Surprise! Surprise! A tree grew up instantly. It went on growing till it reached the clouds. “Ah I shall sleep for a while.” Mr.Lazybones yawned and he stretched himself. He could not sleep. So he said, ”I wish this tree would fan me while I sleep. What is the use of a tree which cannot be of use to man?”
Luckily it was a wishing tree. The tree began swaying at his command. Murmur of leaves was like a lullaby and he could not help smiling. It brought back memories of good old days when he was put to sleep in a cradle. Every night. He would have said to the tree, ”You are like my mother.” But he was too sleepy and he slept off.
Mr. Lazybones got up with a terrific headache. He was annoyed. He looked around. He saw the cause for his headache. A coconut had fallen on his head. He said to the tree rather angrily. “You may rock me to sleep but do not let coconut fall on that account! My head is all too tender. ” The tree went on swaying.
Mr.Lazybones would have gone back to his sleep but again another coconut fell. This time it fell with a thud on his shoulders. He sat up rubbing his bruised shoulder. “Didn’t I tell you..?”
The tree said, ”I am a wishing tree. There is one who asks for my favour.” Angrily Mr.Lazybones looked around.
One man lay a little away from him. He looked as if he had settled himself comfortably well. But he was sheepish to make his request,”Say fellow, you have two coconuts. Be good enough to pass one. I am thirsty!”  Rubbing his bruise Mr.Lazybones asked,”Who are you?” The newcomer still lay stretched out. “It is a bother getting up. Please bring one over.” Mr.Lazybones remained still where he sat. “Can’t you do a favor?” He queried. Mr.Lazybones was still angry. “Who do you think you are?”
He introduced himself,” Mr. Good-For-Nothing. That is my name.”
Mr.Lazybones hated to keep his anger for long. He was about to toss one over. “ Please,”said Mr.Good-For-Nothing, ”While you are at it save me the bother of cutting it open.” He was so angry that he almost choked. Mr.Good-for-nothing said casually, ”Why get angry? You are close to the wishing tree. You ask it to open.  And it is done.”
Mr.Lazybones realized that he had found his match. And he did not like it one bit.



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