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In analyzing Representational Dispensation we see that evil men like Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler seem to prosper.  It may even seem they are instruments of God to be able to get away with great many wrongs. They are equated with success. Naturally one wonders where does morality come in the equation.  Evil geniuses and saviors are both on equal footing before the law. Both good and bad alike being subject to the same laws in operation we need to see morailty beyond the obvious. Those who question God or impute bad motives to Him are wrong as old Job was.

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Illogical route of history is always given some semblance of shape by the logic of those who are determined to succeed. The son of a drunken Georgian cobbler is hardly the kind of man we expect to make history. This unlikely figure with bad teeth and pock marked face and with a deformed left hand came from the people.  He was common which was what Lenin required and he had plenty of middle class intellectuals already. Lenin was looking for one, preferably not just a peasant or a worker but someone with a modicum of education. Thus in 1912 V.I Lenin picked out Koba Jugashvili to become one of the 10 member Bolshevik Central Committee.
Fortune also smiled on Koba the Georgian, while he just made tentative steps on the stage of world history.
Lenin needed someone to expound the correct Marxist view (or rather his own views) on the question of Nationality problem. He felt a Pole or a Jew would take an extreme point of view while he himself as a Russian might not sound convincing to the rank and file among revolutionaries. Lenin thus chose ‘Koba’ one from the oppressed nationalities of the empire. In 1913 he wrote a treatise ‘Marxism and The National Question’ and it earned him the aura of a theorist. His authorship of an authoritative Bolshevik exposition on a very crucial issue was to decisively affect his future and that of Russia.
Was it chance that pitch forked him to the stage of world history? In any case we may with certainty vouch for his staying power. Till his death in 1953 he was the undisputed leader of the Soviet Union. In his ability to have beat back every opposition with the ruthlessness that we find parallel among those who wielded the destiny of Russia only in Ivan the Terrible, we see the logic of ambition straightening illogical twists inherent in luck. He later came to be known as Joseph Stalin.
He may be accused of having disposed of some 22 millions of people in his time but can he be seen separated from the history of Russia? Even at this moment of history he is a serious contender for the title of the Greatest Russian. Like Hitler  he would not have under normal circumstances, come to wield power but he did because he represented the people. He had all the qualities needed to succeed: ambition, vision, control over facts and detail, patience, native intelligence and cunning. By overthrow of  the old order a man of such qualities in Russia need not have worried over being checked. Yes Stalin was a creature of his times.

History is the anvil of God where evil geniuses and saviors make their impact.

Representational dispensation which we attribute to God must allow the ilk of Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet to ride every obstacle subject to the law of compensation. These obstacles are man made and often unjust like the class/caste, economic disparity etc.,

Take the case of FDR who came to play a pivotal role in the history of the USA at the time of Depression. Polio left him a cripple and yet he could use his class connections to go higher. In him also the two laws were in operation by which he made a difference to his world.

Men are pawns for good and evil alike, victims to the play off of two laws: of deprivation and compensation.
Tailspin: Al Gore may be deprived of a victory in the controversial 2001 elections. It is according to the law of deprivation.  But law of compensation showed its hand when Al Gore was picked out for Nobel Prize, a role which crowns with more honor than to be known as a President of Incompetence.

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All life forms are of equal weight in context of Oneness of Things. Thus a man may be felled by a virus strain while a woolly mammoth could be brought down by a gnat. Size is of no consequence.
Natural selection is where each species have succeeded in compensating their inadequacies in other areas at every turn on account of  their success in making opportunities to their advantage.
Representational dispensation in the lexicon of Nature gives rise to two laws, namely law of deprivation and law of compensation.

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Representational dispensation when  transcribed in secular idiom works differently. Nature has a way of balancing the disproportionate demand by life forms collectively on her resources. Natural calamities and wars are all part of her game plan.  Take the case of Santorini island. ‘The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions the planet has ever seen: the Minoan eruption (sometimes called the Thera eruption), which occurred some 3,600 years ago at the height of the Minoan civilization may have led indirectly to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete’.(ack:wikipedia) This could have led to the flowering of language, arts and crafts in the Greek Mainland.  A cosmic impact may wipe off the dinosaurs but it is a push for species who are precariously trying to get a foothold in the evolutionary ladder. Thus Oneness of Things sees to spread the good and evil alike. In 2006 Israel engaged their troops to fight Hizbollah who were holed up in Lebanon. While many were shedding tears for the Lebanese civilians who are caught up in the war there was a little known matter of  some 20000 Filipino girls who were stuck there. These girls from poor families were promised higher pay by their Lebanese /Arab masters and when they were brought in their papers and passports had been confiscated. But for the war these maids would have been continuing as slaves. The war at least liberated these maids from their wretched lot to find their way back home. War by itself is despicable manifestation of greed and ambition but if this conflict could bring about relief to those who are subject to unmitigated horror of slavery as described above let us not waste our tears for the ways of Oneness of Things.

In one of my earlier posts  ( Love makes the World Go round- Dec8,’08)  the analogy of pollutants being carried around by tides is apt in case of our lives. Human civilization is like man made effluent.
We benefit from several areas as marine birds, bivalves do and how we put our strengths to use also differ. Since Oneness of Things is impartial in letting the results, both good and bad in human civilization, to spread around no one can conclude that Oneness is unjust to allow what we consider as an evil to live on.
If one finds evil has crept in what he or she holds as dear it is the duty of that person to do whatever in his or her power to fight it. Sympathy from one who has allowed knowingly evil to prosper (by silence) is from the lips and does not go any deeper.

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When we are saved our names are recorded in heaven(Lk 10:20).  Soul is my essence whether clothed with a corruptible body or out of it. It  is a record of events signifying my life on earth and hereafter.

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Rabbi Benn Weiss had to visit an ailing aunt who lived three days journey from our town. I volunteered to keep him company throughout the trip and my friend and counselor agreed. On the first day as we broke the day’s travel at a way-side inn he had company of travelers who had been to Jerusalem. From their animated tone of talk I guessed they were Zionists and were telling my friend about the advent of Messiah.
“He is the prince of peace,” Rabbi Benn Weiss explained to me. I asked, “ A fine prince of peace, to keep away while brothers are at each other’s throat”. Seeing raised eyebrows all about me I explained, “ Prince of peace must not only settle peace but also see that there is no room for the Children of Israel and of Ishmael to quarrel. ” The Zionists heard this part of conversation and they laughed loudly. “O Rabbi, your companion seems not to know anything of the complex issues that we must grapple with.”
“Yeah,” I snapped, “ You laugh as though the whole land is yours. You remind me of a burglar who the night before burgled my house and before the judge defended with an impassioned plea that he had owned the goods all along!”
The rabbi tried to change the topic but his friends went on lecturing me as to the way God had picked out Abraham for His blessings. Even before one could recite the verse I preempted the move by citing that I was quite familiar with it. I quoted the verse without an error and added,“ You were kicked out of Jerusalem by the Romans. What for?” I explained that the Jews were scattered to far corners of the earth because they had rejected the Messiah. It is God’s judgment.”
Later I told my friend that God had promised the patriarch that he would bless all nations through him, “ Does it not prove then that God scattered Jews so when Christianity spread, it would find a ready soil for conversion?”
The Rabbi was all for changing the subject and I said, “Jews were blessed so Christianity may be spread throughout.” He at last could say, “ I cannot think except as a Jew, Jake, nor can you except as a Christian. So let us not discuss or intrude into the office of God.”
Useless controversies can only be a waste of breath. God’s judgment is representational dispensation. Why? We represent God’s love here on earth and any dispensation we attribute to God has to be then representational in nature. Lack of peace only means we are imperfect beings. Advent of Prince of Peace is merely a standard for us to take measure from.

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Dispensation is a theological term. In American Heritage dictionary dispensation is defined as divine ordering of worldly affairs. Israel has conveniently cobbled an aggressive policy of laying out the extent of their territory on their perceived rights: their ownership as derived by God’s promise to Patriarch Abraham. “I will make of thee a great nation…” Gen  12:2 Ishmael is also of the seed of Abraham. Is it not? If Israel can use this as an argument cannot Palestinians also claim equal rights considering they are also of Abraham?
Suppose we adopt Israel’s argument that their nation was singled out for His blessings let me cite one passage from the  Old Testament. The story of Joseph traces his rise from prison  to be the counselor of the Pharaoh. He was cast out by his brethren and sold into slavery to Ishmeelites. Before long he found himself in the land of Egypt. As with so many who have been thrown into abyss of despair do find their feet to make a comeback Joseph also made a spectacular comeback this time to be the advisor of the Pharaoh. Because of his closeness to the Pharaoh he could save his brethren when famine in their land was at its worst. Let us only consider the divine providence at play here. Unless God had not blessed Egypt with abundance of grains and food will not the seed of Abraham have perished at that period of time? From this we can see that God blesses the Israel as well as other nations.
Do I hear someone saying that Egypt was blessed because of Israel? In the opening chapter of Exodus we read that ‘the land (of Egypt) was filled with them (Children of Israel). Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph..’(Ex. 1: 7-8) If God wanted to bless Israel at the expense of other nations He need not have made what seemed a blessing at a point of time, work like a curse at another time. They have suffered and also prospered owing to the simple Truth they are interconnected with other nations.  All these ups and downs are natural working of every nation coping with others so all the good and bad are absorbed by all. The challenges when faced and learned from prove to be our strengths. With these strengths any nation may confer a blessing to another nation when they are down.
This is how Oneness of things works.

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