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*I keep two kinds of secrets: one is too heavy for me to hold, which I want some other to carry for me. I have seen it in most cases reach the intended ears. Well the other stays home absolutely.
*To be well-read nowadays means catching up with the graffiti on the sub-ways.

*Punctuality is a virtue for those who have time. It is absolute necessity for everybody else.

*An ear for music! It depends upon who jingles coins and how much.

*I have a short name but a long memory to keep it from losing.

*Obedience is a virtue in the young. To the old, a necessity.

*To the wise, virtue is a matter of necessity.

*Poverty is not a virtue,- neither for young nor for old.
*No man can be called truly rich till he is buried by his own funds.

*Better to go with two minds after a thing than be in two minds about it.

*People who act upon impulses ought to retain a lawyer called Restraint.

*Pride of a maggot that looks down from an acorn of a tree on a termite-heap.

*In order to be understood, write down every advice you give in deeds.

*A good character is one of the five blessings. The other four are merely a repetition of it.

*One who seizes luck by the throat is necessity. He has his own means to make him pay.

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